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Monday, 20 April 2020

WHO: No evidence survivors of COVID-19 are immune from the disease
(Lisa Schlein, Voice of America)

WHO’s to blame? World Health Organization under scrutiny over its handling of coronavirus
(Caline Malek, Arab News)

Catholic Relief Services: Don’t forget migrants, refugees amid pandemic
(Catholic News Agency)

Beware of the virus of ‘selfish indifference’, says pope on Divine Mercy Sunday
(Catholic News Agency)

Pro-life leaders call for coronavirus vaccine without abortion ties
(Catholic News Agency)

German cardinal says it’s 'high time' to restore public Masses
(Catholic News Agency)

Scientists test drug that slash COVID-19 viral load by 94%
(Andreia Verdélio, AgênciaBrasil)

COVID-19: Satellite data reveal global pollution levels plummeting
(Passant Rabie, Inverse)

Religious communities are critical in the fight against COVID-19
(Aasim I. Padela, Chicago Tribune)

COVID-19 Economic Crisis Challenges Religious Communities
(Daily Highlight, Berkley Center, Joint Learning Initiative, WFDD)

Cellphone data shows coronavirus kept churchgoers at home in every state on Easter
(Sarah Pulliam Bailey , Kevin Schaul , Lauren Tierney and Kevin Uhrmacher, The Washington Post - Religion)

COVID-19 Crisis Highlights Complex Intertwining of Religious and Cultural Factors in Changing Public Health Behavior: The Somali Diaspora in Sweden
(Daily Highlight, Berkley Center, Joint Learning Initiative, WFDD)

Court upholds New Mexico 5-person limit on size of church gatherings
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Kansas churches get TRO to protect against enforcement of congregant number limits
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Court halts KS governor from targeting churches in COVID-19 order
(Alliance Defending Freedom)

Church's challenge to Kentucky ban on mass gatherings is rejected
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Judge denies Maryville Baptist Church's bid to block Gov. Beshear's coronavirus order
(Andrew Wolfson, Louisville Courier Journal)

Churches mostly empty for Orthodox Easter due to virus rules
(Jim Heintz, Associated Press)

Pope dreams of post-virus world where inequalities abolished
(Nicole Winfield, Associated Press)

Judge doubts Kansas COVID-19 rule, blocks it for 2 churches
(John Hanna, Associated Press)

‘Holy Fire’ ceremony held in empty Jerusalem church
(Associated Press)

COVID-19 gives new urgency to plans to modernize Catholic healthcare in Brazil
(Eduardo Campos Lima, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Inside the fringe Japanese religion that claims it can cure Covid-19
(Sam Kestenbaum, The New York Times)

Muslim board calls on Russian Muslims not to visit mosques during Ramadan

Jews are concerned with attempts to blame them in spreading coronavirus

Catholics must be vigilant in monitoring restrictions on religious freedom
(Religious Freedom Institute)

Coronavirus COVID-19: Further marriage law update
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

Law professors break down freedom of religion, labor issues amid COVID-19
(John Taylor and Anne Lofaso, News Wise)

Indian hospitals refuse to admit Muslims as coronavirus causes Islamophobia surge
(Joe Wallen, The Telegraph)

COVID-19 makes life harder for hundreds of thousands of Africa’s persecuted Christians
(Anugrah Kumar, The Christian Post)

Americans list opening of retail stores, churches as top priorities
(Scott Slayton, Christian Headlines)

China shuts down zoom Easter church service, detains church members
(Michael Foust, Christian Headlines)

Pope Francis postpones World Youth Day and Meeting of Families due to coronavirus
(Hannah Brockhaus, Catholic News Agency)

Capitol Hill parish takes adoration to the streets for Divine Mercy Sunday
(Christine Rousselle, Catholic News Agency)

Updated: Three states' coronavirus abortion bans remain after court interventions
(Catholic News Agency)

The loneliness pandemic: How the quarantined are grappling with solitude and faith
(Claire Giangravé, Religion News Service)

The loneliness pandemic: The elderly in ICUs battle coronavirus and solitude
(Claire Giangravé, Religion News Service)

Experts: Coronovirus brings spike in anti-Semitic sentiments
(Aron Heller, Religion News Service)

Renewed lockdown, new guidance: new episode of Law Pod UK
(Rosalind English, UK Human Rights Blog)

Americans are abandoning faith. Could the COVID-19 crisis be a moment to rebuild?
(Guest column by Elizabeth Eisenstadt Evans, RNS Column: Flunking Sainthood)

Don't let COVID 19 kill the synagogue!
(Jeffrey Salkin, RNS Column: Martini Judaism)

Peter, Malchus and our nameless saviors of the coronavirus crisis
(Tara Isabella Burton, RNS Column: Religion Remixed)

Fleshly sacraments in a viral, virtual world
(Tara Isabella Burton, RNS Column: Religion Remixed)

Do we do everything in our power to lower the COVID-19 infection rate?
(Charles C. Camosy, RNS Column: Purple Catholicism)

Fighting anxiety and isolation the Sikh way: service
(Simran Jeet Singh, RNS Column: Articles of Faith)

Afghanistan can’t protect its Sikhs from terror. It’s time for America to step up
(Simran Jeet Singh, RNS Column: Articles of Faith)

Let's take enforced social distancing for what it is: A life intervention
(Simran Jeet Singh, RNS Column: Articles of Faith)

UKHRB Roundup 20-4-2020: Coronavirus and a Labour party leak
(Sam Sykes, UK Human Rights Blog)

Italy is fighting COVID-19 — and capitalism
(Alberto Mingardi, National Review)

Iran uses pandemic to further provocations in the Gulf
(Seth J. Frantzman, National Review)

Church building maintenance during lockdown – Update (II)
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

It's time to redesign government-hospital coronavirus funding
(Brian Blase, Josh Archambault & Doug Badger, National Review)

Intel: Trump, Erdogan discuss coronavirus as pandemic worsens in Turkey

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Advocates lament exclusion of those with criminal records from business loan program
(Jonah McKeown, Catholic News Agency)

Saturday, 18 April 2020

What do countries with the best coronavirus responses have in common? Women leaders
(Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, Forbes)

Women leaders are doing a disproportionately great job at handling the pandemic. So why aren't there more of them?
(Leta Hong Fincher, CNN)

Women are leading Canada's
(Victoria Forster, Forbes)

What religious leaders can do: Imams, clerics, and pastors can play a crucial role in the fight against Covid-19
(Samia Huq, Dhaka Tribune)

Preference to the Poor: Priority Ethics for Development Leaders
(Katherine Marshall, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University)

When religion and culture kill: COVID-19 in the Somali diaspora communities in Sweden
(Anne Speckhard, Othman Mahamud and Molly Ellenberg, GTSC Homeland Secuity Today)

Trump consults faith leaders on phased-in reopening
(Elana Schor, Associated Press)

Putin won't attend Easter vigil at Christ the Savior Cathedral

Domestic abuse killings 'more than double' amid Covid-19 lockdown
(Jamie Grierson, The Guardian)

Vatican congregation to send ventilators to Syria and Holy Land
(Catholic News Agency)

How a megachurch adapted to social distancing
(Casey Cep, The New Yorker)

Friday, 17 April 2020

LIVE VIDEO CLE, 17 April 2020: Coronavirus/Covid-19 Business Disruption and Contract and Insurance Claims
(Federal Bar Association)

Interreligious Council of PERU provides essential supplies to Venezuelan refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants
(Religions for Peace)

Faith leaders strongly echo the UN Secretary-General's call for a ceasefire
(Religions for Peace)

Religion and the COVID-19 pandemic: Environmental health
(Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University)

Coronavirus is also a threat to democratic constitutions
(Constanze Stelzenmüller, Brookings (originally in Financial Times))

Statement of solidarity from religious leaders on the COVID-19 pandemic
(Religious Freedom Institute)

Faith, freedom in action in troubled times – like now
(Blair Forlaw, Religious Freedom Center, Freedom Forum Institute)

Are COVID-19 restrictions inflaming religious tensions?
(Geneive Abdo and Anna L. Jacobs, Brookings)

Eight rules for teaching during COVID-19
(Jennifer Snodgrass, OUPblog)

Will COVID-19 cause a religious recession?
(Brian Hollar, Religion & Diplomacy: A Resource of the Transatlantic Policy Network on Religion and Diplomacy)

Lessons learnt from Coronavirus and global environmental challenges
(Amandine Orsini, OUPblog)

COVID-19 can augment violence to Mexican women
(Vanda Felbab-Brown, Brookings)

Coronavirus outbreak highlights need to address threats to ecosystems and wildlife
(UN Environment Programme)

"HOVID": Hunger, COVID-19, and Religious Response
(Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University)

COVID-19 is a test of multilateralism - OpEd
(Dr. Esmira Jafarova, Geopolitical Monitor)

World Bank, IMF push to consolidate patchwork approach to coronavirus cases
(Josh Zumbrun and David Harrison, The Wall Street Journal)

The pandemic won't make China the world’s leader: Few countries are buying the model or the message from Beijing
(Michael Green and Evan S. Medeiros, Foreign Policy)

What to do about China?
(Samuel Gregg, Law & Liberty)

Jordan’s unique coronavirus challenge
(Bruce Riedel, Brookings)

Extending soldiers’ assignments may help the military maintain readiness: Defense during COVID-19
(Thomas Burke, Brookings)

A tale of two Koreas in the age of coronavirus
(Jung H. Pak, Brookings)

In Sweden, there's no COVID-19 lockdown. Here are 4 things to know
(Fred Lucas, The Daily Signal)

Uzbekistan: Despite coronavirus lockdown officials continue literature raids
(Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 News Service)

The coronavirus erases our living memory of the Holocaust and gives fresh life to old traumas
(Armin Rosen, Tablet)

Italian Jews battle COVID-19—and isolation
(Natan Greppi, Tablet)

Some California churches call in-person services essential despite pandemic
(Alejandra Molina, Religion News Service)

Does the pandemic have a purpose? Only if we give it one. The coronavirus is neither good nor bad. It wants only to reproduce
(Stephen T. Asma, The New York Times Opinion)

LDS Church joins fight against Covid-19, with members sewing 5 million face masks
(Jana Riess, RNS Column: Flunking Sainthood)

New podcast: Who-da thunk it? Drive-in churches are First Amendment battlegrounds
(Terry Mattingly, GetReligion)

In India, pandemic turns political opposition group into COVID-19 help line
(Adam Willems, Religion News Service)

Suit challenges Chattanooga's ban on drive-in church services
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

ADF files suit to challenge Chattanooga ban on drive-in church services
(Alliance Defending Freedom)

Justice Department backs church objections to discriminatory COVID-19 bans
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Churches sue challenging Kansas stay-at-home order
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

ADF sues KS governor over COVID-19 order that allows numerous gatherings, except churches
(Alliance Defending Freedom)

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