Religion and the American Constitutional Experiment
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Religion and the American Constitutional Experiment
Fourth Edition
John Witte, Jr. and and Joel A. Nichols
Oxford University Press Academic 2016 

  • Offers a comprehensive analysis of every Supreme Court case on religious freedom from 1815-2015
  • Analyzes every eighteenth century text that helped to form the original intent of the First Amendment no establishment and free exercise clause
  • Delineates the principles of American religious freedom that were central to the founders and remain axiomatic for modern religious freedom
  • Compares modern United States Supreme Court cases and modern European Court of Human Rights cases on religious freedom
  • Engages with recent academic attacks on religious freedom and makes a strong argument for a principled religious freedom

New to this Edition:

  • Analyzes seven new US Supreme Court cases since 2010, including Burwell v. Hobby Lobby and CLS v. Martinez
  • Includes an appendix on cutting edge issues of religious liberty and church-state relations that are currently challenging lower courts and will likely find their way to the Supreme Court in the next few years
  • Each chapter is updated in light of new scholarship and new Supreme Court case law through the 2015 term