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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Gaza Christians fear for future of tiny community
(Ibrahim Barzak and Diaa Hadid, Associated Press)

Hospitals in Austria and Switzerland suspend circumcision
(Associated Press, The Guardian)

In power, Egypt's Brotherhood seeks balance on Islamic law
(Tom Perry, Reuters)

Indian law vs personal law: A Muslim child marriage focuses debate
(G Pramod Kumar, First Post India)

L’église historique de Nicée redevient une mosquée
(J Panev, Orthodoxie)

Loudoun supervisors approve religious display on courthouse grounds
(Caitlin Gibson, The Washington Post)

Mauritanian imams learn to counter bigotry
(Jemal Oumar, Magharebia)

Nigeria Muslims, Christians share Iftar

No transplant for woman in religious freedom case
(The Spokesman-Review (Kansas))

Obama appoints first Mormon to White House faith-based council
(Daniel Burke, Religion News Service)

Papers in Religious Liberty

Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update

Religion news in brief
(The Washington Post)

Russia’s first Muslim TV to go on air in August
(Damir Mukhetdinov, Russia’s First Muslim TV to Go on Air in August)

Saudi female judoka not allowed to wear headscarf
(Maria Cheng, Associated Press)

Should a judge prevent a man from attending his church
(Tim Townsend, Washington Post)

Somalia constitution allows abortion to save mom
(Abdi Guled and Jason Straziuso, Associated Press)

Stanford Law School's Allen Weiner files petition with United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on behalf of seventeen Vietnamese social and political activists
(PR Newswire)

The German judge v. Genesis 17:10
(Josef Joffe, The Wall Street Journal)

USCIRF urges China to end restrictions and violence during Ramadan

Violence topples Nigeria’s ‘bridge’
(Compass Direct News)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

“New religious movements”, freedom of expression – and divided opinions
(Frank Cranmer, Law & Religion UK)

Africa: Religious leaders pledge support in fight against domestic violence
(Rebecca Davies, All Africa)

Burma's monks call for Muslim community to be shunned
(Hanna Hindstrom, The Independent)

Church calls for end to anti-Christian violence in India

Church of Scientology defeats human-trafficking claims case
(Terry Baynes, Reuters)

CRS says funding for humanitarian aid did not violate church teaching
(Dennis Sadowski, U.S. Catholic)

ECtHR Grand Chamber to decide seminal church autonomy case
(The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty)

Faith and freedom: Religious minorities in Egypt and the U.S.
(Calvin Skaggs, CPWR)

Khadr confident of Canada's religious freedom in interview Toews wants to see
(Colin Perkel, The Vancouver Sun)

Missouri bishops support proposed ‘right to pray’ amendment on ballot
(CNS, The Catholic Telegraph)

Morocco indicts imam for ‘inciting murder’
(Mohamed Saadouni, Magharebia)

New case study: “Muslim community needs more space to pray”
(International Network on Religions and Mediation in Urban Areas)

Politics of religious freedom in South Africa
(Waheeda Amien, The Immanent Frame)

Religious freedom’s legal and moral basis
(Melissa Moschella, Public Discourse - The Witherspoon Institute)

Religious liberty fight could shut down the government?
(Campus Notes, Cardinal Newman Society)

Resources from the Sikh scriptures for conflict mediation
(International Network on Religions and Mediation in Urban Areas)

Rohingyas face ‘genocide’: house speaker
(Ryan Dagur, UCA News)

Ruling for compulsory religion class stirs row
(Erdem Güneş, Hürriyet Daily News)

Saudi Cabinet: Makkah summit to help strengthen Islamic unity
(Arab News)

Scotland throws down equality gauntlet as it announces plans to allow same sex marriages
(Jerome Taylor, The Independent)

Tony Blair: 'The West is asleep on the issue of Islamist extremism'
(Charles Moore, The Telegraph)

Uzbekistan: Two women deported for exercising religious freedom
(Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Anti-Muslim prejudice hinders integration - Council of Europe Commissioner
(Vestnik Kavkaza)

Arizona Supreme Court denies writ of habeas corpus in case of jailed pastor
(Matthew Hulet, Examiner)

Case of the week: Bull & Bull v Hall & Preddy
(Personnel Today)

Catholic business owners seek injunction to halt HHS mandate compliance
(Brian Fraga, National Catholic Register)

Conservative congressman blasts Bachmann’s anti-Muslim allegations, stands up for religious liberty
(Scott Keyes, Think Progress)

Does Europe understand the First Amendment better than we do?
(Jonathan Peters, The Atlantic)

Egypt to ban alcohol sales during Islamic holidays
(Erin de Santiago, Examiner)

EU supports deployment of W African forces to Mali
(Associated Press)

European Humanist Federation: "Greece must abolish blasphemy laws"
(National Secular Society)

Eweida & Chaplin, Ladele & McFarlane: submissions to the ECtHR
(Frank Cranmer, Law & Religion UK)

Federal Appeals Court rules that Wisconsin public school may not hold graduation ceremonies in a church
(Americans United)

First Amendment protects everybody’s religious freedom
(Charles C. Haynes, Religion News Service)

Flight of Christians from Mid-East reaches Syria
(Aidan Clay, Gatestone Institute of International Public Policy)

Full 7th Circuit revives church graduation suit
(Joe Celentino, Courthouse News Service)

God backs gay marriage, says Dr Jeffrey John
(John Bingham, The Telegraph)

Human rights talks reveal EU concerns at Russia's new laws
(EU Neighborhood Info Centre)

Hyatt Hotels and the AAR/SBL: An ethicist and a biblical scholar walk past a boycott
(Lillian Daniel, Huff Post Religion)

Is gun control a religious issue?
(David Gibson, Huffington Post)

Libya's defeated Islamists
(Omar Ashour, The Australian)

New politics and religion resources published at Sciences Social Network
(PR Web)

Philadelphia monsignor imprisoned for covering up child sex abuse
(Dave Warner, Reuters)

Secular humanism vs. religion debate grows in TN
(Bob Smietana, The Tennessean)

Some Austrian hospitals end religious circumcision
(Associated Press)

Thousands flee Indian villages as clashes kill 18
(Associated Press)

To fast or not to fast: Muslim athletes face dilemma at Olympic Games
(Trevor Grundy , ENInews)

US religious right presses anti-gay laws in Africa
(Associated Press)

What does Europe want? Beyond the multiculturalist deadlock
(Slavoj Zizek, ABC Religion and Ethics)

Monday, 23 July 2012

Federal Appeals Court upholds Georgia ban on guns in places of worship
(Rhonda Cook and Bill Rankin, Atlanta News)

Fury at Hasidic biz dress codes
(Gary Buiso and Kate Briquelet, New York Post)

Hindus-Jews-Buddhists want California’s Santa Clara City Council shift to multi-faith prayer
(Bikya Masr)

Human rights and religious feelings
(Harison Citrawan, The Jakarta Post)

In German circumcision debate, 'us vs them' fears
(David Rising, Associated Press)

Italy enters into concordates with Mormons, Apostolic Pentecostals, and an Orthodox Church
(Massimo Introvigne, CESNUR)

M.T.A. violated rights of group, judge says
(Benjamin Weiser, New York Times)

New blog concerning law and religion in the UK now online
(Frank Cranmer & David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

Polish Catholic Bishops condemn European convention defining gender as ‘social construct’
(Talpa brusseliensis christiana)

Religion fast becoming big business in Kenya
(NTVKenya, YouTube)

Religious leaders say Arms Trade Treaty must regulate ammunition
(Joint Statement, World Council of Churches)

Repression of Myanmar Muslims amid media blackout
(Kourosh Ziabari, Global Research)

Russia: "Extremism" religious freedom survey, July 2012
(Geraldine Fagan, Forum 18 News Service)

Saudi Arabia: 2.5 million throng two Holy Mosques
(Makkah, Arab News)

Sudan advocates to demonstrate against ongoing genocide
(Jeff Walton, Institute of Religion and Democracy, Christian News Wire)

Syria: Five reasons why there will not be an Alawite State
(Joshua Lands, Syria Comment)

Turkey, Saudi Arabia promoting stricter Islam in Albania
(Catholic News Agency)

UK court applies ecclesiastical abstention doctrine to dispute over Sikh leadership
(David Hart, UK Human Rights Blog)

USCIRF urges Clinton to raise specific reforms with Egyptian government

Vietnam: Priests protest church attacks
(Radio Free Asia)

Vietnam's two-front war on religion
(Michael Benge, American Thinker)

Western Myanmar unrest: Partisan portrayals risk extremist implications
(Kyaw San Wai, RISIS)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sudan: Stoning execution stopped for Ms Intisar Sharif Abdulla: Release without charges
(Human Rights Without Frontiers International)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Seventh-day Adventist missionaries can resume proselytizing while awaiting court ruling
(Matthew Brown, Deseret News)

Abductions and forced conversions of Christian Coptic women in Egypt dramatically increase
(Myles Collier, Christian Post)

Burning mosques and building mosques
(Kelly James Clark, Huffington Post)

Eliminating workplace discrimination brings us closer to the values of our nation
(David Saperstein, The Washington Post)

Ethiopian Muslims and their struggle for rights
(Elyas Mulu Kiros, Pambazuka News)

European Court of Human Rights unanimously declares application Political Reformed Party v. the Netherlands inadmissible
(H.M.T.D. ten Napel, Law, Religion & Politics)

Islamophobia threatens American values and national security
(Brian Levin, Huffington Post)

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