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Sunday, 17 October 2021

VIRTUAL EVENT, 17-18 October 2021: Parliament of the World's Religions
(Parliament of the World's Religions)

Friday, 15 October 2021

APPLICATIONS OPEN (deadline 15 October 2021): Global Ecumenical Theological Institute 2022: “Christ’s Love (Re)moves Borders”
(World Council of Churches)

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

CALL FOR FELLOWSHIP APPLICATIONS (due 12 October 2021: Marie Sklodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellowships

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

2021–22 BYU forum speakers
(Martin Luther King III, Reverend Doctor Andrew Teal, William Barber II, Marilynne Robinson, James Fallows, Amy Chua, Brigham Young University)

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

CALL FOR PAPERS, due 15 September 2021: 2022 Church History Symposium--Latter-day Saints and Religious Liberty: Historical and Global Perspectives
(BYU Department of Church History and Doctrine and the Church History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Monday, 6 September 2021

COURSE (online or in person), 6-9 September 2021: Conflictos éticos y religiosos en sociedades contemporáneas/Ethical and Religious Conflicts in Contemporary Societies
(Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation and the International University of Andalusia in Spain)

Sunday, 5 September 2021

EVENT, 5-10 September 2021: "The European Convention on Human Rights in Times of Crises"
(TU Dresden and Leipzig University, 2nd International Summer School "Human Rights in Theory and Practice")

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

CALL FOR PAPERS, deadline 1 September 2021: Religious Actors & Humanitarian Norms Compliance in Armed Conflict: Roles, Influence, Engagement (PDF)
(The Generating Respect Project)

Monday, 30 August 2021

EVENT, 30 August to 2 September 2021: #EUARE2021
(European Academy of Religion)

CALL FOR PANELISTS, 30 August-3 September, 2021: 18th Annual Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions, Panel-Gender Law and Religion During the COVID-19 Health Crisis
(European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR))

Friday, 20 August 2021

VIRTUAL EVENT, 22-24 August 2021: Dare to Overcome: Global Business Convention & Peace Awards (four-year global business, technology procurement, sustainable development and peace initiative)
(Religious Freedom & Business Foundation)

Friday, 30 July 2021

CALL FOR PAPERS, deadline 30 July 2021: International Institute for Religious Freedom Special Issue on Refugees and FoRB
(International Institute for Religious Freedom)

CALL FOR PAPERS, Proposals due by 30 July 2021: Special Issue on “Refugees and FORB”
(International Journal for Religious Freedom)

CALL FOR PAPERS, Abstract submissions due 30 July 2021: “I Have Called You by Name: Human Dignity in a Secular World”
(de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture)

WEBINAR, 30 July 2021 (3PM Singapore): {CALS] VR#14 - Freedom of Religion or Belief
(Based on the book "Routledge Handbook of Freedom of Religion or Belief" by (Eds.) Silvio Ferrari, Mark Hill QC, Arif A. Jamal and Rossella Bottoni, Virtual Roundtables on Asian Law Series, National University of Singapore, Centre for Asia Legal Studies, Faculty of Law)

Thursday, 29 July 2021

WEBINAR, 29 July 2021 2:00 pm (EDT-US & Canada): Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders: Systemic Racial Challenges
(G20 Interfaith Forum)

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

WEBINAR, 28 July 2021, (9AM New York/3PM Brussels): A Digital Revolution? Ethical Implications and Interreligious Engagement
(EU & International Affairs office of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the G20 Interfaith Forum, Ahead of the 2021 Italy G20 Summit Webinar Series)

WEBINAR, 28 July 2021 (10:30AM ET): USCIRF & TLHRC Hearing: Ending Genocide: Accountability for Perpetrators
(U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom)

Americans' confidence in major U.S. institutions dips
(Megan Brenan, Gallup)

These Christian lawmakers are on the offensive against abortion
(Mya Jaradat, Deseret News)

Could the European Union kick out Hungary? Viktor Orban has once again flouted EU values with a new law on sharing material that ‘promotes homosexuality’.
(George Kyris, The Conversation)

Take that, Benedict XVI: Pope Francis decides Latin Mass is too divisive to embrace
(Terry Mattingly, OnReligion)

Taliban ‘has not changed,’ say women facing subjugation in areas of Afghanistan under its extremist rule
(Homa Hoodfar and Mona Tajali, The Conversation)

Summer School focuses on protection of worship places and religious communities
(Conference of European Churches)

Canada’s Indian residential schools: apologies yes, burning churches no
(Massimo Introvigne, Bitter Winter: A Magazine on Religious Liberty and Human Rights in China)

10th Circuit: Colorado anti-discrimination law can apply to wedding website designer
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Web designer will appeal after 10th Circuit says Colorado can force her to create objectionable websites
(Alliance Defending Freedom)

Book award: The Post-Secular City: The New Secularization Debate - Précis of a Book
(Paolo Costa, European Society for Catholic Theology Presidium)

Scottish government wants its 8,000 civil servants to add pronouns to their email sign offs despite nearly 60 per cent saying they are against the move
(Raven Saunt, Daily Mail)

In French first, same-sex Protestant pastors get married
(France 24)

Montenegro makes history with first same-sex marriage
(Samir Kajosevic, Balkan Insight)

Ashgabat: Religious and political persecution continues apace
(Vladimir Rozanskij, Asia News)

Cuba: Protestant pastors released after two weeks in detention
(CSW: Everyone Free to Believe)

Religions for Peace and the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum hold symposium on youth engagement with religion
(EIN Presswire)

Is Islam a pluralistic, inclusive religion?
(EIN Presswire)

Qualified immunity won't protect college administrators who discriminate against religion
(Daniel Blomberg, Des Moines Register)

Religious identities and the race against the virus: (Wave 2: June 2021)

Prominent leaders discuss systemic racial challenges facing native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders
(G20 Interfaith Forum, EIN Presswire)

Friendly persuasion: Religious push raises COVID-19 vaccine acceptance, survey says
(Mark Kellner, The Washington Times)

Clerics back Covid jabs as govt fights misinformation
(Gadiosa Lamtey, The Citizen)

Salt declared world heritage site
(Ammon News)

Lawmakers in Ghana seek to outlaw advocacy for gay rights
(Danielle Paquette, The Washington Post)

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

WEBINAR, 27 July 2021 (6PM in Amsterdam): Intersectionality of Policy, Gender and Religion
(The G20 Interfaith Forum)

EVENT, 27 July 2021 (11AM Brussels): Panel debate: Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws, and the persecution of minority groups.
(Press Club Brussels Europe)

Monday, 26 July 2021

Happy Eid al-Adha Mubarak
(Religions for Peace)

Photos of the Week: Eid al-Adha; Haitian president funeral
(Kit Doyle, Religion News Service)

Muslims mark Eid al-Adha holiday in pandemic’s shadow
(Mariam Fam, Religion News Service)

Indonesian Muslims mark grim Eid amid devastating virus wave
(Niniek Karmini, Religion News Service)

Supreme Court misses critical opportunity to offer guidance in clash of SOGI laws and religious liberty
(Nathan Berkeley, Religious Freedom Institute Blog)

‘The Last Acceptable Prejudice’
(Emma Green, The Atlantic)

Poway synagogue attacker pleads guilty, faces additional federal charges
(Press Release, Religious Freedom Institute)

In Japan, Greek-influenced Olympics meet another kind of pagan heritage
(Heather Greene Share Tweet, Religion News Service)

Photos of the Week (July 2, 2021): Mass with puppets, temple rededication
(Kit Doyle, Religion News Service)

On Tisha B’av, the meaning of Tree of Life revealed
(Beth Kissileff Share Tweet, Religion News Service Opinion)

American support for same-sex marriage continues to increase, even as religious conservatives battle LGBTQ community on other fronts
(Mark Wingfield, Baptist News Global)

Living in exile: “I am not less than any other human. I just want to be heard and seen”
(FoRB in Full: A blog by CSW)

Christian student clubs triumph against religious discrimination
(Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition)

Young Muslim women in Ghana feel stereotyped and judged: why it matters
(Barbara Crossouard, Christine Abu-Yeboah, Eric Ananga, Máiréad Dunne, and Vincent Adzahlie-Mensah, The Conversation)

Young people as partners for educational transformation
(Scherto Gill, Viewpoints: A blog of the G20 Interfaith Forum)

Religion, humanitarianism, and G20 policy initiatives: Promoting freedom of religion or belief (FoRB)
(JoAnne Wadsworth, Viewpoints: A blog of the G20 Interfaith Forum)

With more than a million children orphaned by COVID-19, faith-based groups look to mobilize support
(Emily McFarlan Miller, Episcopal News Service)

Potentialities and pitfalls of pluralism
(Institute for Global Engagement, Review of Faith & International Affairs)

What religious freedoms do you actually have?
(Anna Bryner, Brady Earley, and Daniel Frost, Deseret News)

9th Circuit: COVID closure of private schools may have violated due process rights of parents
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

9th Circuit: Church has standing to challenge Washington abortion coverage mandate
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

9th Circuit rules in favor of Seattle-area church forced to pay for abortions
(Alliance Defending Freedom)

Articles of interest - 26 July 2021
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Food ordinance does not violate rights of Christians distributing sandwiches
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

US churches reckon with traumatic legacy of Native schools
(Associated Press)

28 abducted Baptist school students freed in Nigeria
(Ibrahim Garba and Sam Olukoya, Associated Press)

Police: IS sympathizers behind attempt on ex-Maldives leader
(Mohamed Sharuhaan, Associated Press)

BJC-led coalition urges President Biden to protect sacred Oak Flat from devastating mining operations
(Don Byrd, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)

Responding to: Religion and the Tigray conflict in Ethiopia
(Tricia Redeker Hepner, Mohammed Girma, and Khataza H. Gondwe, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University)

Responding to: U.S. religious freedom and LGBTQ rights
(Amy J. Sepinwall, Laura Lane-Steele, Kyle Velte, Emily Kazyak and Kelsy Burke, Richard W. Garnett, Michael Vazquez, Jeremiah J. Castle and Kyla K. Stepp, Andrew Koppelman, Linda C. McClain, Michael Wear, Marci Hamilton, Chai Feldblum, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University)

Water a potential new focus of US/Vatican partnerships, Biden official says
(John L. Allen Jr., Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

French bishops call out Holocaust comparison from anti-vaxxers
(Elise Ann Allen, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Why faith leaders are calling on Congress to tackle immigration reform
(Mya Jaradat, Deseret News)

The world’s largest Muslim organization just honored Evangelicals
(Paul Marshall, Religion Unplugged)

Don’t rain on Fulton’s parade: Religious freedom is winning at the Supreme Court
(Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, Public Discourse: The Journal of the Witherspoon Institute)

Orthodox believers defy government to honor royal saints
(Credo.Press, Russia Religion News (Stetson University))

Belarusian politician raises Orthodox church issue
(Anna Sedova, Russia Religion News (Stetson University))

Russian foreign minister blames U.S.A. for Ukrainian church problems
(RIA Novosti, Russia Religion News (Stetson University))

Law and religion round-up – 25th July
(Frank Cranmer, Law & Religion UK)

Enmity and neglect take toll on Serb churches in Kosovo
(Serbeze Haxhiaj, Balkan Insight)

Slave labor shames India's claims of progressive development
(Saji Thomas, Union of Catholic Asian News)

For most of India’s Hindus, religious and national identities are closely linked
(Manolo Corichi and Jonathan Evans, Pew Research Center)

'Larger public interest': HC rejects plea to allow Parsi final rites of COVID-19 victims
(Akhil Oka, Republic World)

Pakistan’s pyrrhic victory in Afghanistan
(Husain Haqqani, Foreign Affairs)

Can Iran save Afghanistan's Shiites and help China, Russia prevent war next door?
(Tom O'Connor, Newsweek)

Afghanistan’s religious minorities after the US withdraws
(Abijah Crawford, Providence Mag)

‘When the blood starts’: Spike in Ahmadi persecution in Pakistan
(Al Jazeera)

'Non-Orthodox Jews are our brothers' - Matan Kahana
(Jeremy Sharon, Jerusalem Post)

Israeli government wants more ultra-Orthodox men to work, but faces pushback
(Steven Scheer, Reuters)

India ready to engage with Blinken on human rights, officials say
(Sanjeev Miglani, Reuters)

Nuns vow to dismantle human trafficking networks
(La Croix International)

Church and State in the land of Grace Kelly -- Monaco
(Jeanne Leblay, La Croix International)

Hundreds of migrants hold hunger strike in Brussels church
(Xavier Le Normand, La Croix International)

Christian efforts at unity in Lebanon fall apart after premier's exit
(La Croix International)

The Pray Safe Act, explained
(Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News)

Caught in the crossfire: Myanmar’s Christian minorities under Tatmadaw rule
(International Christian Concern)

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