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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Burma President’s dangerous refusal to condemn Buddhists for violence against Rakhine Muslims
(Emma Lo, Foreign Policy in Focus)

How a Mormon website ended my hunt for Orthodox Jewish bridesmaid dresses
(Arielle Landau, New York Daily News)

India: Madhya Pradesh, clergymen “in danger” due to the anti-conversion
(Nirmala Carvalho,

Outrage over radical Haredi mob attack on Haredi soldier
(The Jewish Press)

Protest against same-sex marriage being prepared in Moscow

Tibet, police shoot Buddhist monks: one is dying

UPDATE: Car bomb wounds 53 in Shia Beirut suburb
(Ahram Online)

USCIRF statement on faces of Chinese persecution
(Press Release, United States Commission on International Religious Freedom)

Third ICLARS Conference – Discount Registration Deadline extended to July 15, 2013
(International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies)

Ramadan dress-code: Residents draw the line
(Bindu Suresh Rai, Emirates 24/7)

HRW calls for Morocco to stop sealing houses to punish activists
(Eurasia Review)

Integrating the philosophy of Tawhid: An Islamic approach to organization – Analysis
(Murray Hunter, Eurasia Review)

Refusal to register an Orthodox clergy trade union breached right to freedom of association
(Press Release, European Court of Human Rights)

Bodh Gaya attack: The story of culpable neglect
(Ajai Sahni, Rediff News)

Arab Spring: Mirror, mirror on the wall
(Abdullateef Al-Muhlim, Arab News)

All change again in the Middle East: But what will the future hold for the Christian minority?
(Steve Dew-Jones, World Watch Monitor)

Vital interests vs. democratic ideals – OpEd
(Patrick J. Buchanan, Eurasia Review)

Justice Department invokes employer mandate delay in argument for dismissal of Liberty University's ACA challenge
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Liberty University ObamaCare case not moot as Department of Justice claims
(Liberty Counsel)

The toppling of Morsi is a blow for secularism – OpEd
(Muhammad Asim, New Civilisation)

Sharif gov't to adopt new security policy to end extremism in Pakistan
(Muhammad Tahir, Xinhuanet)

Attorneys seek ruling in Illinois gay marriage case
(Associated Press, State-Journal Register (Springfield, IL))

Oregon City software entrepreneur (claiming religious justifications) sentenced for tax evasion; owes $7.1 million
(Helen Jung, The Oregonian)

Sindicatul “Păstorul cel Bun” v. Romania - Grand Chamber Judgment
(Full text, European Court of Human Rights)

European Court of Human Rights: Religious autonomy trumps right to unionize
(The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty)

Refusal to register a trade union for priests on account of the autonomy of religious communities is not unreasonable
(Press Release, European Court of Human Rights)

Clergy and trade unions: All out, brothers
(B.C., The Economist [Erasmus: Religion and public policy])

Radical but risky changes afoot at the European Court of Human Rights
(Andrew Ticknell, UK Human Rights Blog)

Confusion reigns over start of Ramadan in France
(Audrey Racine & William Hidlerbrandt (video), Amara Makhoul (text), France 24 International News)

Italy: "Fighting in the Name of Allah"
(Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute)

ACLU to challenge Va. gay marriage ban in court
(Markus Schmidt, Richmond Times-Dispatch)

The new state-by-state fight over gay marriage
(Molly Ball, The Atlantic)

Church of England to draft new legislation on women bishops
(Trevor Grundy, Religion News Service)

CofE General Synod, legal issues
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

Groups say religious liberty in military is in danger
(Todd Starnes,

Pope Francis decries ‘globalization of indifference’
(Alessandro Speciale, The Washington Post)

Joel Hunter pays a price for political activism
(Mark I. Pinsky, The Washington Post – On Faith)

Indian Buddhist sites hit by blasts
(Indrajit Singh, Huffington Post)

Court says it lacks jurisdiction to stop Gitmo force feeding as Ramadan nears, but president could end practice
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

President sends Ramadan greetings to Muslims in U.S. and around the world
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Catholic diocese settles wrongful-death lawsuit during jury selection in Independence
(Judy L. Thomas, The Kansas City Star)

Key issues in annual U.S.-China strategic & economic dialogue
(The Virginia Gazette)

Religious groups take immigration aim
(Seung Min Kim, Politico)

Religious leaders condemn attack on Mahabodhi temple
(Chamikara Weerasinghe, Daily News)

Washington Post diversifies further with religious site
(Madeline McMahon, Bloomberg)

Religious intolerance down sightly in Indonesia
(Stephanie Hendarta, The Jakarta Globe)

Bishops say concerns remain over final contraception mandate
(Adelaide Mena, Catholic News Agency)

Ohio Republican slams ‘intentionally intolerant’ same-sex marriage ban
(Eric W. Dolan, The Raw Story)

John Kerry asked to raise human rights issues with China
(The Indian Express)

Same-sex couples applying for marriage could face jail time
(Krista Henery, WLFI (Indiana))

Ohio church goes to court to block protesters
(Associated Press, (Akron Beacon))

Legal leverage: Laws to fight pornography aren't being used, anti-porn activists say
(Sara Israelsen-Hartley, Deseret News)

Federal judge temporarily blocks part of Wisconsin's new abortion law
(Brendan O'Brien, Reuters)

Same-sex marriage bill (report, 1st day summary)
(David Pocklington, Law and Religion UK)

Tax evader, claiming religious justifications, sentenced to over 8 years in prison
(Howard Friedman, Religion clause blog)

How secular is Europe? A tale of two cultures
(John Haldane, ABC (Australia))

'Ender's Game' author Orson Scott Card responds to critics: The gay marriage issue is 'moot'
(Grady Smith, Entertainment Weekly)

ACLU lawsuit aims to overturn Pennsylvania's ban on gay marriage
(Trip Gabriel, The New York Times)

ACLU moves to challenge NC gay marriage ban
(Caitlin Owens, Charlotte Observer)

Morsi supporters attack Christian targets in Egypt after removal of president
(Morning Star News)

Monday, 8 July 2013

Catholic bishops cry wolf
(Editorial Board, LA Times)

Got democracy? From Egypt to the U.S., religion and secularism must embrace women’s rights
(Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, The Washington Post – On Faith)

In Greece, a case study on Islam in Europe
(Akbar Ahmed, The Washington Post – On Faith)

Lutherans face looming crisis with hope
(Bruce Myers, Episcopal News Service)

Lords examines Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill
(UK Parliment)

Video link to Parliamentary debates

Same-Sex Marriage Bill, legal issues debated
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

Statement by the Fiqh Council of North America on Ramadan and Shawwal 1434 (2013)

Islam, Egypt and political theory: Échec mate
(B.C., The Economist [Erasmus: Religion and public policy])

Same-sex marriage may be a nonissue for Christie
(Matt Katz,

Tunisia: Amina appeal verdict delayed

Somalian rape victim, 13, stoned to death
(The Guardian)

Where Evangelicals disagree: Dippers divided
(B.C., The Economist [Erasmus: Religion and public policy])

Far from Kotel, Women of the Wall pray with police protection
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Israeli Cabinet advances proposal to draft haredi Orthodox men
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Israel: Emunah sues Chief Rabbinate to allow female kosher supervisors
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Homosexuality and the pews: Seven signs influencing congregational acceptance of gays and lesbians
(David Briggs, Association of Religion Data Archives)

Jewish access to Ma’arat HaMachpelah to be limited during Ramadan
(The Jewish Press)

Ahmadinejad calls his Holocaust denial major achievement
(The Jewish Press)

Hundreds of Chicago Muslims march for Morsi
(The Jewish Press)

Someone needs to hold Pakistan to account on religious freedom
(Nasir Saeed, Christian Today)

Amnesty International suspects post-Soviet special services of abducting, torturing wanted Islamic extremists

Russia forbids religious organizations to be set up by personae non grata

Card. Gracias: solidarity and support for Buddhists after the attack on the sacred tree

Seoul, a "Rosary marathon" for the canonization of the Korean Martyrs

For Catholic Church, "no coup d'état took place in Egypt"

Islamisation gets a boost in Jakarta, as Supreme Court suspends the sale of alcoholic beverages

For Hassan Rouhani, a strong government does not limit individual freedoms

Saudi beheaded for murder: Ministry
(Ahram Online)

Fla. school’s ban on Easter egg hunt invitations lifted
(Alliance Defense Fund (press release))

Same-sex parenting: [akin to] Child abuse?
(Robert Oscar Lopez, The Witherspoon Institute, Public Discourse)

Street preachers protesting homosexuality assaulted at Seattle's Pridefest
(Melissa Barnhart, The Christian Post)

Catholics urged to speak truth 'with love' in religious freedom fight
(Mark Zimmermann, Catholic News Services)

FEMEN activist arrested in Istanbul for anti-Islamist protest

Egypt's lesson for political Islam: politics comes first
(Tom Heneghan, Reuters)

Global restrictions on religion increased following the Arab Spring
(Katie Reilly, Pew Research Center)

Freedom of religion means freedom to leave Islam
(Teoh El Sen, Astro Awani)

Catholics dramatically shift views on homosexuality in last decade
(Elizabeth Tenety, The Washington Post – On Faith)

New law allows religious proselytizing in Mississippi public schools
(Hemant Mehta, Patheos)

Educated Muslim women challenged to know their religion
(Ludovick Kazoka, All Africa)

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