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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Religious freedom is more than right to worship, archbishop tells UN
(EWTN News)

Religious war imminent in Nigeria, world religious leaders warn
(Odidison Omankhanlen, Saliu Gbadamosi & James Bwala, Nigerian Tribune)

Separation of church and state doesn't mean churches must stay out of politics
(Joseph E. Hartka, The Baltimore Sun)

Study: Muslim extremists not looking for world domination
(Adam Levine, CNN)

Understanding the HHS lawsuits
(Richard Garnett, Notre Dame Magazine)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Analysts: U.S. has no choice but to deal with Islamists
(Jim Michaels, USA Today)

Canada Muslim Irshad Manji’s publisher seeks Malaysia judicial review over ban
(Joseph Mayton, Bikya Masr)

Church of England postpones historic vote on female bishops
(Trevor Grundy, ENInews)

Community Inn's lawsuit challenges city's definition of church
(Josh Kegley, Herald-Leader)

Considering a Sunni regime in Syria
(Reva Bhalla and Kamran Bokhari, Stratfor)

Crossing religious lines in an Israeli hospital
(Souad Mekhennet, New York Times)

Do the Church Fathers, the Founding Fathers, and Catholic Saints really go together?
(Timothy Samuel Shah, Christianity Today)

Egypt’s presidential elections and the Copts
(Eva Saenz-Diez, europeinfos)

Episcopal bishops approve resolution to bless gay unions
(Becky Bratu, MSNBC)

European Cohesion Policy : The role of Church actors
(Anna Echterhoff, COMECE, europeinfos)

In Libya, diverse coalition has edge over Islamists in elections
(Glen Johnson, Los Angeles Times)

President Herman Van Rompuy: "The EU is founded on values and not on national interests"
(compiled by Johanna Touzel, europeinfos)

Religious freedom under the gun
(Thomas F. Farr, The Weekly Standard)

Russian Church defends Brits who lost jobs for wearing crucifix

Saudi religious police held after deadly car chase
(AFP via Yahoo News)

State Dept: Release pastor jailed for 1,000 days, sentenced to death in Iran
(Ed Payne, CNN)

Top (Ohio) court will hear ex-teacher
(Catherine Candisky, The Columbus Dispatch)

UK: Radical cleric Abu Hamza appeals to European Court of Human Rights over extradition to US
(Angela Charlton, Associated Press, The Washington Post)

Use schools to 'spread Christian story’
(John Bingham, The Telegraph)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Afghan authorities launch probe into woman's public execution
(Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty)

Afghanistan: Taliban publicly execute woman near Kabul
(Hamid Shalizi and Amie Ferris-Rotman, Reuters)

Archbishop Charles Chaput -- Fortnight for Freedom closing homily
(Tom, S.F.O., Blog)

Arkansas State Board adopts rule on religion in pre-school
(Max Brantley, Arkansas Times Blog)

Australia: Mother rails against religion in schools
(Bridie Jabour, The Brisbane Times)

Church of England's General Synod backs right of Christians to manifest faith in public life
(Press Release, Christian Concern)

Dalai Lama: I must be neutral about immolations
(Associated Press, Hindustan Times)

France: The 1905 Law, Islam, private education: the priorities
(translation by HRWF, Le Monde via Human Rights Without Frontiers)

Gay marriage at Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly voted down
(Jaweed Kaleem, Huff Post Religion)

Holy See: Many nations ignore commitments to religious freedom, Vatican envoy tells UN

Islamic sect has appealing message for U.S. politicians but has global enemies
(Dan Mercia, CNN)

Israel: Religion vs. democracy: Draft debate divides Jewish state
(Aron Heller, Associated Press, The Portland Press Herald)

Israeli parliament slams German circumcision ban
(Associated Press, AZ

Missouri leaders want to bring religion back to schools
(Cathy Lenny,

New Shanghai bishop ‘barred from ministry’
(UCA News)

Nigeria: Religious violence kills 58
(Associated Press, Time World)

NY appeals court rules open meeting law not broken in passage of sex marriage law
(Associated Press, The Washington Post)

Pakistan shuns physicist linked to 'God particle'
(Sebastian Abbot, Associated Press)

Pakistan: Religious freedom is not just a Muslim’s right
(Dur-e-Aden, The International News)

Philippines: Voter drive ‘new dawn’ for Muslim region
(Ali Macabalang, Cotabato City, UCA News)

Reform Jews reach out to converts like never before
(Heidi Hall, The Tennessean via USA Today)

Religion and Libertarianism
(Walter Block,

Russia’s rights council warns against RuNet blacklist
(Ria Novosti)

Sudan: Constitution to be "100 percent Islamic": Bashir

Syria: A revolution divided
(Tracey Shelton, The Global Post)

The Europeans’ skewed view of circumcision
(Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, The Jerusalem Post)

The illusion of Islamic victory in Egypt's presidential elections
(Farah Abdul Khaliq, New Civilisation)

Thomas More Society protects “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” rally’s First Amendment rights
(Press Release, Thomas More Society)

Tunisia: Islamist party says religion, politics are one

United Kingdom: Women bishops row is a 'train crash'
(John Bingham, The Telegraph)

United Kingdom: Women bishop vote set to be suspended
(John Bingham, The Telegraph)

Was the Declaration of Independence Christian?
(Michael Meyerson, The Wall Street Journal)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Lesbian couple take vows in Taiwan’s first public Buddhist same-sex union
(CNA, Taipei Times)

Nigeria: Unmasking the real beneficiaries of religious violence
(Ahmed Yahaya-Joe,

Zakah to Fight Nigeria Poverty
(Rafiu Oriyomi, OnIslam)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The HHS mandate and ‘hidden agendas’
(Michael Poterma, National Review Online)

André Carson, Indiana congressman, says U.S. public schools should be modeled after Islamic schools
(Laura Hibbard, Huff Post Education)

California bill would widen definition of parenthood to include LGBT families
(Tara Culp-Ressler, Think Progress)

Christians in India fear newly recommended anti-conversion laws
(Myles Collier, The Christian Post)

Clashes in Nigeria's volatile Jos kill 10
(Chicago Tribune)

From rhetoric to target: The Islamic State of Iraq
(Robin Simcox, The Henry Jackson Society)

Head of Religious Affairs directorate visits Fener Greek Patriarch Bartholomew
(Turkish Press)

It’s Bad Leadership, Not Population, Mr. President
(Nigeria Intel)

New declaration calls for greater religious freedom globally
(Ginny Mooney, The Christian Post (Singapore edition))

Presbyterian church rejects same-sex marriage
(G. Jeffrey MacDonald, The Christian Science Monitor)

Proposed blasphemy law in Kurdistan would protect Christians as well as Muslims
(Allison J. Althoff, Christianity Today)

Rowan Williams: I long to see women bishops in CofE
(Christian Today)

Separating church, state
(Robert Hoffman, Santa Maria Times)

Sex abuse and the study of religion
(Kathyn Lofton, The Immanent Frame)

The Egyptian elections
(The Editors, The Immanent Frame)

The future of Islam in Egypt
(Waleed El-Ansary, Common Ground News Service)

U.S. Jews speak up on religious freedom in Israel
( Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie, Haaretz)

What will the Muslim Brotherhood’s election mean for Egypt’s women and minorities?
(Samer Libdeh, The Henry Jackson Society)

Friday, 6 July 2012

Ban on headscarves may limit freedoms
(Andrea Estrada - UCSB, Futurity)

Buddhism might be elective course
(Göksel Bozkurt, Hürriyet Daily News)

Churches should be free to conduct gay marriages, says Clegg
(Nicholas Watt, The Guardian)

Court strikes down NYC ban on churches using public school buildings
(Michelle Baurman, EWTN via Kresta in the Afternoon)

Emiratis want crackdown on women's skimpy dress
(Michael Casey, Associated Press)

ICC lawyer says her actions in Libya were legal
(Mike Corder, Associated Press)

Indian martyr an example for Christians suffering persecution
(Catholic News Agency)

International religious freedom
(Most Rev. John Vlazny, Archbishop of Portland, Catholic Sentinel)

Is the ruling in Germany anti-circumcision?
(Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, Huffington Post)

Italy established observatory on religious freedom
(Forum for Religious Freedom Europe)

Jewish groups receive huge share of Homeland Security grants
(Josh Nathan-Kazis, The Jewish Daily Forward)

Kazakhstan unveils Central Asia's largest mosque
(Associated Press)

Kenya Christians, Muslims unite against terrorist threat
(Stoyan Zaimov, The Christian Post (Singapore Edition))

Kyrgyzstan: Prosecutor General preparing new banning suit
(Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 News Service)

Military chaplains: End of ‘don’t ask’ ban on gays hasn’t fueled turmoil that outsiders feared
(Associated Press via Washington Post)

NTC: Libya doesn’t need referendum to adopt sharia law
(Middle East Online)

Religious freedom confusions: Banning mosques and vouchers for Muslim schools
(John Tomasic, The Colorado Independent)

Sri Lanka, Christian activist wins National Peace Award
(Melani Manel Perera,

Sweeping religious persecution under the rug
(Deborah Weiss, The Washington Times)

U.K. bans Indian Mujahideen
(The Hindu)

York defendant thankful for penance
(Shawn Cetrone, Herold Online)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Christians in India, fresh attacks on religious freedom
(Nirmala Carvalho,

Christians who faced disciplinary measures at work over witnessing urge Church of England's General Synod to back them
(Press Release, Christian Concern)

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