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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Virus forces religions to improvise, isolate for holidays
(Gary Fields, Associated Press)

Papacies in lockdown: How does the pandemic compare to crises of the past?
(Massimo Faggioli, Commonweal)

Pope, Italian PM likely talk “now” and “then” of the coronavirus
(John L. Allen Jr., Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Coronavirus and Islam: Pakistani clerics refuse to shut down mosques
(Haroon Janjua, Deutsche Welle)

Media report Orthodox churches defying attendance ban in St. Petersburg
(, Russia Religion News (Stetson University))

About Rodney Howard-Browne and what happens to Easter, Passover and the hajj during a plague
(Julia Duin, GetReligion)

Some ultra-Orthodox Jews are ignoring Israel's coronavirus rules, despite a warning to 'wake up!'
(Oren Liebermann, CNN International)

India tracks attendees after Muslim event linked to virus cases
(Parth MN, Al Jazeera)

Facing coronavirus travel bans, the Mormon church has chartered jets to bring thousands of missionaries home
(Siobhán O'Grady, The Washington Post)

Under coronavirus immigration measures, U.S. is expelling border-crossers to Mexico in an average of 96 minutes
(Nick Miroff, The Washington Post)

Despite virus concerns, some Philly Catholics still receiving Communion on the tongue
(William Bender and Jeremy Roebuck, The Philadelphia Enquirer)

Because coronavirus has led to enough sacrifices, Catholic bishops say it’s okay to eat meat on Fridays during Lent
(Antonia Noori Farzan, The Washington Post)

As states crack down on gatherings, some religious exemptions could keep pews full
(Liz Alesse, ABC News)

Virus soars among ultra-Orthodox Jews as many flout Israel's rules
(David M. Halbfinger, The New York Times)

New York church founded weeks after 9/11 responds to coronavirus
(Caleb Galaraga, Religion Unplugged)

As India's new coronavirus cases are linked to a mosque, some blame Muslims
(Avinash Giri, Religion Unplugged)

Iran's imprisoned Christians face yet another danger: COVID-!9
(Lela Gilbert, Religion Unplugged)

Monday, 30 March 2020

Church building maintenance during lockdown
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

Faculty petitions under the coronavirus restrictions
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

Love, obligation, and possibilities in the time of COVID-19
(Stephanie Friedman, Sightings: The Martin Marty Center, University of Chicago Divinity School)

Measuring the Apocalypse: Where we will and won't find meaning in this global pandemic
(Evan F. Kuehen, Sightings: The Martin Marty Center, University of Chicago Divinity School)

Pan-nemesis: COVID-19 and beyond
(William Schweiker, Sightings: The Martin Marty Center, University of Chicago Divinity School)

D.C.’s patient zero: A priest’s journey from ICU to reuniting with family and flock
(Fenit Nirappil, The Washington Post)

With drop in offerings, evangelical churches brace for coronavirus impact
(Meagan Clark and Liza Vandenboom, Religion Unplugged)

Technology is reshaping Jewish life during a pandemic
(Dave Schechter, Religion Unplugged)

Pastor arrested for violating rules amid virus outbreak
(Tamara Lush and Chris O'Meara, Associated Press)

Police raids on Italian churches raise religious freedom concerns
(Elise Ann Allen, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Pope calls for heartfelt compassion for those impacted by COVID-19
(Carol Glatz, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Rome mayor meets with Pope Francis; endorses Caritas campaign
(Elise Ann Allen, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Italy okays weddings and baptisms, but warns church not a motive for leaving home
(Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

English bishop calls for early release of prisoners during COVID-19 pandemic
(Charles Collins, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Attorney sues Cuomo over NY ban on large gatherings, says it infringes on ability to observe Jewish faith
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

China’s people of faith: Canaries in Xi Jinping’s coal mine
(Leila Gilbert, The Jerusalem Post)

Rank these stories: Falwell rolls dice with virus or potential collapse of some small colleges?
(Terry Mattingly, GetReligion)

Medical ethics or religion? Killing Grandma and other questions during the COVID-19 cris
(Bobby Ross Jr., GetReligion)

Church and state grapple with exemptions allowing worshipers to congregate
(Brian Niemietz, New York Daily News)

Coronavirus closes mosques, churches and temples across Asia
(Shotaro Tani and Ismi Damayanti, Nikkei Asian Review)

Cambodia: Fight discrimination amid pandemic
(Human Rights Watch)

Health certificates required to enter Mandalay religious sites as Myanmar struggles with COVID-19
(Zarni Mann, The Irrawaddy)

Tunisia has a problem with internalised Islamophobia
(Safa Belghith, Al Jazeera)

Montenegro detains priest for defying ban on gatherings
(Samir Kajosevic, Balkan Insight)

Irrespective of religion, all Mumbai Covid-19 victims to be cremated
(Outlook India)

Bill de Blasio: NYC churches caught holding services during coronavirus may be 'permanently' closed
(Douglas Ernst, Washington Times)

Covid-19 e a Renegociação dos Contratos de Locação de Imóveis
(Iabelle Giannasi, Jusbrasil)

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Parliament Trustee invites interfaith colleagues for a for a special meditation-in-place event, March 29
(Master Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, The Parliament of the Worlds Religions)

Pope’s Urbi et Orbi blessing in light of coronavirus
(Jim Fair, Zenit: The World Seen from Rome)

President Russell M. Nelson invites all to join in fast on March 29 for relief from COVID-19
(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Register for The Economist's free daily COVID-19 update newsletter
(The Economist)

Pope Francis says ‘We are all in the same boat,’ during Urbi et Orbi ceremony
(Claire Giangravé, Religion News Service)

UN working to ensure vulnerable groups not left behind in COVID-19 response
(Department of Global Communications, United Nations)

Standing together in Spirit & with Actions: A multi-religious response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
(Religions for Peace)

Social Distancing Scoreboard
(Compare your community's social distancing activity to its activity prior to COVID-19, Unacast)

The Global Response to the Coronavirus: Impact on Religious Practice and Religious Freedom
(Scott Weiner, Policy Analyst; Kirsten Lavery, International Legal Specialist; and Dominic Nardi, Policy Analyst, United States Commission on International Religious Freedom)

How does your faith give you #HopeDuringCOVID-19
(Thomas Farr, RFI President, Religious Freedom Institute)

Religion Photos of the Week - 27 March 2020
(Kit Doyle, Religion News Service)

Coronavirus US live: Trump signs $2.2tn stimulus bill after invoking Defense Production Act
(Lois Beckett (now), and Lauren Aratani and Bryan Armen Graham (earlier) in New York, The Guardian)

Live updates: U.S. becomes first country to report 100,000 confirmed coronavirus cases; Trump invokes Defense Production Act
(Jennifer Hassan, Alex Horton, Marisa Iati, Katie Mettler, Siobhán O'Grady, John Wagner and Paulina Firozi, The Washington Post)

Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve” (multiple languages available
(Harry Stevens, The Washington Post)

COVID-19: CEC calls on churches to stay united in prayers
(CEC Leadership, Conference of European Churches)

How the panndemic will end
(Ed Young, The Atlantic)

Foreign Ministry rescues Israelis stranded abroad during pandemic
(Rina Bassist, Al-Monitor: Israel Pulse)

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Covid-19 could devastate poor countries
(The Economist)

The state in the time of covid-19
(The Economist)

Human rights dimensions of COVID-19 response
(Human Rights Watch)

Coronavirus super-spreaders: Why are they important?
(BBC News)

Coronavirus: India 'super spreader' quarantines 40,000 people
(BBC News)

Can the godfather of natural history television help save the planet?
(Economist Radio Podcasts, The Economist)

Africa is woefully ill-equipped to cope with covid-19
(The Economist)

Bangladesh: Internet ban risks RohingyaLives: Urgently act to prevent COVID-19 outbreak in refugee camps
(Human Rights Watch)

How can Germans ‘stay at home’ if they are homeless?
(Hugh Williamson, Human Rights Watch)

Coronavirus roundup: Trump signs $2.2T coronavirus response bill
(Jeff Parrott, Deseret News InDepth)

Trump invokes Defense Production Act to compel GM to manufacture ventilators for coronavirus outbreak
(John Wagner and Colby Itkowitz, The Washington Post)

Meet the Americans who are canceling everything but kindness
(Jennifer Graham, Deseret News)

Protecting the rights of people with disabiliries during COVID-19
(Human Rights Watch)

Canada's immigration detainees at higher risk in pandemic
(Samer Muscati, Human Rights Watch)

UK: COVID-19 law puts rights of people with disabilities at risk
(Human Rights Watch)

Nigeria: COVID-19 cases on the rise
(Human Rights Watch)

Millions of Ethiopians can't get COVID-19 news
(Laetitia Bader, Human Rights Watch)

Congo's Ebola fight has lessons for COVID-19
(Ida Sawyer, Human Rights Watch)

Prominent Congolese lawyer falls victim to COVID-19
(Carine Dikiefu Banona, Human Rights Watch)

Philippines: Curfew violators abused
(Human Rights Watch)

Closing the ‘digital divide’ in COVID-19 response: Nearly half the world has no access to the internet
(Deborah Brown, Human Rights Watch)

Cambodia: COVID-19 clampdown on free speech
(Human Rights Watch)

Fears for civil rights mount amid fight against coronavirus
(Michael Tarm, Associated Press)

To quarantine is Christian: An act of service
(Jared Lucky, Commonweal)

France: Children left in limbo despite COVID-19
(Human Rights Watch)

How will the Chinese economy rebound from COVID-19?
(David Dollar and Dexter Roberts, Brookings)

Cologne santizer, boxed wine, and bidets: How people in 68 countries are coping with coronavirus
(Amanda Sloat, Politico)

Coronavirus: Lockdowns continue to suppress European pollution
(Jonahan Amos, BBC News)

Coronavirus: Air pollution and CO2 fall rapidly as virus spreads
(Matt McGrath, BBC News)

Pakistan coronavirus: 'We can't see it, but everyone is terrified'
(Secunder Kermani, BBC News)

No alcohol, no dog walks: Lockdown life in South Africa
(Farouk Chothia, BBC News Asia)

Coronavirus: A snapshot of American life under lockdown
(Tara McKelvey, BBC News)

Will social distancing become a permanent part of life?
(Jennifer Graham, Deseret News)

Why some health experts argue the U.S. should take a more relaxed approach to social distancing
(Jennifer Graham, Deseret News)

The coronavirus crisis is a moral test. Will we pass?
(Jennifer Graham, Deseret News)

As coronavirus hits Latin America, expect serious and enduring effects
(Charles T. Call, Brookings)

Pandemic times: Humanity fights back
(David Suissa, Jewish Journal)

Coronavirus: Frontline NHS staff will be tested for Covid-19 from next week after criticism
(Robe Merrick, Independent)

Turkey imposes first curfew as coronavirus infections surge
(Ezgi Akin, Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East)

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