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Monday, 10 February 2014

Moral courage: Imam for peace
(The Daily Beast)

Judicial Review Concessions, Gay Olympic Controversy, and Defamation in Europe – the Human Rights Roundup
(Celia Rooney, UK Human Rights Blog)

Christian Oscars * Fading faith * Puritan Valentine’s Day: Monday’s Roundup
(Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Religion News Service)

New Mexico Supreme Court upholds cultural property designation for Mount Taylor
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

U.S. Consulate employee killed by gunmen in Pakistan, officials say
(Haq Nawaz Khan and Tim Craig, The Washington Post - Asia & Pacific)

Swiss vote to limit foreign workers captures growing European fears about immigration
(Anthony Faiola, The Washington Post)

Concern over Swiss vote on restricting immigration
(World Council of Churches)

What Britain can learn from Switzerland's vote to restrict immigration
(Alex Glennie, The Independent)

Tánaiste ‘disturbed’ by Swiss cap on immigrants
(Suzanne Lynch, The Irish Times - Europe)

The number of women sentenced to death across the Middle East has very little to do with justice
(Robert Fisk, The Independent)

Loyal Opposition: Ernest L. Wilkinson's Role in Founding the BYU Law School
(Galen L. Fletcher, BYU Studies Quarterly 52, No. 4 (2013) via SSRN)

Numerous EU leaders warned Monday that the choice by Swiss voters to impose new curbs on immigration has violated the “sacred principle” of freedom of movement.
(AFP, France 24 International News)

Big (Gay) Love: Has the IRS Legalized Polygamy?
(Anthony C. Infanti, U. of Pittsburgh Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2014-07 via SSRN)

Dismissal of church bell suit recommended
(Neil Remiesiewicz,

Suicide bomb trainer in Iraq accidentally blows up his class
(Duraid Adnan and Tim Arango, International New York Times)

Brazil has lowest government restriction on religion among 25 largest countries
(Brian J. Grim, the Weekly Number)

Why religion matters: The longing within
(Mormon Newsroom)

Denmark: Who’s that bishop above the door of City Hall?
(Francis Cardinal George, Catholic New World)

Azerbaijan: Conscientious objector's trial to begin after 4 months' detention
(Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service)

Pope’s Chicago pick will be key to U.S. Catholic church
(Francine Knowles, Chicago Sun-Times)

Russians return to religion, but not to church
(Pew Research Religion & Public Life Project)

The Jesuits and Syria: A voice crying in the wilderness
(B.C., The Economist [Erasmus: Religion and public policy])

Religious minorities in Islamic Pakistan struggle but survive amid increasing persecution
(Jaweed Kaleem, Huff Post Religion)

Ontario university defends decision to kick non-Muslim out of course that teaches Islamic preaching
(Jen Gerson, National Post)

N.Y. yeshiva student admits to writing anti-Semitic graffiti
(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

New Mexico Jewish deli smeared with anti-Semitic labels
(Lori Lowenthal Marcus, The Jewish Press)

Chief mufti of Tajikistan condemns homosexuality

Iran: Death row prisoners must not be executed
(Amnesty International)

Japanese man wins landmark lawsuit on religious oppression
(Meredith Somers, European Coordination for Freedom of Conscience)

Putin’s Sochi Challenge
(Daniel Wagner and Linda Wetzel, Foreign Policy in Focus)

Malaysia: Unknown vandals desecrate eight graves in a Christian cemetery in Kuantan

Pakistan, father of three fired because a Christian
(Shafique Khokhar,

Russia, armed youth storms church killing two people in Sakhalin

New video of abducted Ma'aloula nuns, calling for the release of "all detainees" in Syria

Morocco: Christian convert from Islam exonerated from charges of proselytising

Two vastly different religious traditions find a common musical voice
(Michelle Boorstein, The Guardian)

Australia: Salvation Army backs national scheme to redress abuse of children
(Australian Associated Press, The Guardian)

Legionaries of Christ denounce founder, Marcial Maciel Degollado
(Reuters, New York Times)

Interview: Agnostic filmmaker Morgan Spurlock goes inside Sunday Assembly
(Chris Stedman, RNS Blog: Faitheist)

Iranian execution of poet further darkens Iran’s human rights record
(Freedom House)

Royal Order : Participants in hostilities outside the kingdom or members of radical religious, intellectual groups receive 3-20 years in prison
(Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Kuwaiti legislator proposes Saudi-style anti-terrorism law
(Saudi Gazette)

These people have been barred from entering the UK (for anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic, anti-gay, and racist speech)
(Milana Knezevic, Index on Censorship)

Can gay prison inmates get married now? Can they share a cell?
(Mark Joseph Stern, Slate)

Noted author reading the Jewish Press detained at JFK
(Lori Lowenthal Marcus Read more at:, The Jewish Press)

Sunday, 9 February 2014

B’nai B’rith condemns Presbyterian Church for publication of anti-Jewish ‘educational’ guide on Israel
(Eurasia Review)

Church backs Manohar Parrikar, says Goa Carnival not religious festival
(DNA India)

David Smith on episodic religious persecutions in America
(Research on Religion Podcast)

Devout Largo business owner awaits ruling on contraception
(Elaine Silvestrini, The Tampa Tribune)

Egypt accuses Islamist group of having armed wing
(Associated Press, The Washington Post)

Gunman kills two at Orthodox cathedral in Russian far east
(Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times)

Hungary’s main Jewish umbrella votes to boycott state Holocaust commemorations

Methodists in crisis over gay marriage, church law
(Rachel Zoll, Associated Press)

New legislation seeks to affirm religious freedom in military
(Amy Choate-Nielsen, Deseret News National Edition)

Paganism: An overview of one of the least understood modern religions
(Aontonia Blumberg, Huff Post Religion)

PDP is dangerously introducing religion into Nigeria’s politics – Senator Ojudu
(Bashir Adefaka, Vanguard)

Religion and law round up – 9th February
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

Shiite militias in Iraq begin to remobilize
(Loveday Morris, The Washington Post - Middle East)

Super Bowl ads and American civil religion
(Peter Gardella, OUPblog)

Suspected Philippine rebels bomb high-voltage tower
(Associated Press in Manila, South China Morning Post - Asia)

The U.N. assault on the Catholic Church
(Claudia Rosett, The Wall Street Journal)

Toward an Islamic enlightenment
(Şahin Alpay, Today's Zaman)

Turkish foreign minister: Israel, Turkey close to normalizing relations

Saturday, 8 February 2014

A month of introspection — Interfaith Roundtable promises to enrich religious attitudes
(Wendy Leonard, Deseret News)

America’s growing religious diversity
(Emily Fetsch, Public Religion Research Institute)

Christian-Muslim conflict rooted in politics not religion: Orthodox leader
(Peter Kenny, Ecumenical News)

Egypt army hits Sinai militants; new group claims Cairo bomb
(Tom Perry, Reuters)

Ex-Soviet region reneging on religious liberties?
(Paul Strand, CBN News)

How religion in the US today tracks closely with geography
(Brad Knickerbocker, The Christian Science Monitor)

Jewish groups condemn new Presbyterian study guide on Zionism

Morocco hails Tunisia’s adoption of new constitution‏ – OpEd
(Said Temsamani, Eurasia Review)

Myanmar: Why is the Clergy Angry?
(Rajeshwari Krishnamurthy, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies)

Nigerian Americans welcome Obama's pledge to help stop terror in Nigerian churches – OpEd
(Laolu Akande, Eurasia Review)

Ohio parents fight law over girl's forced chemo
(John Seewer, Associated Press, The Big Story)

Perth man argues he couldn't wear bike helmet because he was wearing a kippah

Police chief assassinated by Al-Qaeda in Yemen‏
(Jim Kouri, Eurasia Review)

Protests in Jerusalem
(SLIDESHOW, Reuters)

The banal side of the religious State
(Mugambi Nandi, Standard Digital News)

Wielding whip and a hard new law, Nigeria tries to 'sanitize' itself on gays
(Adam Nossiter, International New York Times)

Yemeni education official: fighting terrorism a top priority
(Faisal Darem in Sanaa, Al-Shorfa)

Feds to provide legal benefits, services to all in same-sex marriages
(Evan Perez, CNN Politics)

Pope to South Korea more likely, to honor martyrs
(Frances D'Emilio, The Big Story)

The opaque financing of Germany's churches
(Spiegel Online International)

Fracking and the Church of England
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

The Christian roots of the Olympics
(Brantly Millegan, Aleteia)

Update on the raid of the children of the Twelve Tribes
(Susan Palmer (McGill University, Canada) and Liselotte Frisk (Dalarna University, Sweden) writing from the Twelve Tribes’ farm in Klosterzimmern, HWRF via European Coordination for Freedom of Conscience)

Eminönü's Yeni Valide Sultan Mosque celebrates 350th anniversary
(Niki Gamm, Hürriyet Daily News)

The collapse of political Islam with a loud crackle
(Ertuğrul Özkök, Hürriyet Daily News)

Ban on fighters ‘in line with Shariah’
(Arab News)

No Iran deal? No problem
(The National Interest)

Friday, 7 February 2014

Life, religious liberty top ERLC's 2014 agenda
(Tom Strode, Baptist Press)

Sen. Mike Lee's prayer-dinner talk offers personal reflections
(Mark A. Kellner, Deseret News)

U.S. praises state-religion relations in Azerbaijan
(Jamila Babayeva, AzerNews)

Veil stereotypes: Constructing and distorting Muslim women
(woodturtle, Patheos Blog: Muslimah Media Watch)

Iran returns to its nuclear path, if Geneva deal violated
(Iran Review)

‘Aid in dying’ movement takes hold in some states
(Erik Eckholm, The New York Times)

Iran delivers surprise, money, to Jewish hospital
(Thomas Erdbrink, New York Times)

Rising numbers of children 'no longer read Bible stories'
(Graeme Paton, The Telegraph)

Russia arrests 4 gay rights activists on opening day of Winter Olympics opening ceremony
(CBS News)

Atheists vow to fight monument rejection in Levy County, Fla.
(Kimberly Winston, Religion News Service)

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