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Friday, 8 March 2013

Minorities unsafe in Pakistan – OpEd
(Tanveer Jafri, Eurasia Review)

Nigeria: Amnesty proposal for Boko Haram divides public
(MISNA, Eurasia Review)

Muslim women, the masters of ceremony in Canada
(Daood Hamdani, Common Ground News Service)

Peaceful dialogue requires religious freedom, archbishop tells U.N.
(National Catholic Register)

Voices from Catholic Africa: Church modernization is a mistake
(Elias Biryabarema, Reuters)

'Hindu law did not emanate from Vedas’
(The New Indian Express)

A first amendment storm
(Editorial, The New York Times)

Religious Liberty at 50
(Thomas Curry, America Magazine)

Should Christians back religious liberty for all?
(Terry Mattingly, San Angelo Standard-Times)

Religious-liberty bill heads to governor with override-proof majorities
(Peter Smith, Courier-journal)

The history of suicide terrorism against Israel – OpEd
(Vanit Sharma, Eurasia Review)

Catholics’ views on Pope Benedict XVI and the Church
(The New York Times)

Sweden discriminates against conscientious objection
(Press Release, FAFCE (Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe))

Rwanda: Rising atheism among Genocide survivors
(Irene Nayebare, The Sunday Times)

Fighting the stupid public square
(Kyle Duncan, The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty)

Bill Clinton urges Supreme Court to overturn gay marriage law he signed
(David Jackson, Religion News Service via Washington Post)

Venezuela's tears for a Christ-like Chavez
(Jonathan Jones, The Guardian)

China says Dalai Lama rewarding self-immolators with money
(Terrill Yue Jones, The Star)

Madagascar: Nun killed in Mandritsara
(Catholic Information Service for Africa)

Nigeria: Bishops call for the defense of human dignity
(Catholic Information Service for Africa via All Africa)

Kenya holds peaceful elections despite anxiety
(Catholic Information Service for Africa)

Zambia: Anglicans 'played vital role' in fight against gender violence
(Bellah Zulu, Anglican Communion News Service)

Zambia: Ndola church defies council's eviction order
(Xavier Manchishi, Times of Zambia via All Africa)

Mauritanian ulema confront extremism
(Jemal Oumar, Magharebia)

Tanzania: Four put under court, police supervision
(Faustine Kapama, Tanzania Daily News)

Kenya: Clergy asks presidential losers to accept defeat
(Francis Mureithi, The Star via All Africa)

Church and state: Rebuild the wall?
(The Economist)

Nigeria: Soyinka joins call for ban of ethno-religious groups
(Ikenna Ugwu, Leadership)

Office of Religious Freedom will assist businesses
(Jim Wallace and Richelle Wiseman, Calgary Herald)

Beliefs may trump laws: Kentucky bill's issue of freedom is hotly debated
(Peter Smith, Courier-Journal)

Religion has a woman problem
(Linda Woodhead, The Washington Post)

Professor teaches religion while fighting for academic freedom
(Caroline Brewton, The Baylor Lariat)

Carmarthenshire parking fees plan a 'tax on religion,' claims churchman
(Rachel Moses-Lloyd, South Wales Evening Post)

US Catholic Bishops: New Violence Against Women Act undermines religious liberty
(Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News)

The power of the well-phrased question: the Lords and the Succession to the Crown Bill
(Frank Cranmer, Law & Religion UK)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lesbian provisions prompt Catholic bishops to oppose Violence Against Women Act
(Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service)

What pluralism really is
(Brian C. Stiller, Christian Post Opinion)

End blasphemy laws threatening minorities: U.N. faith expert
(Robert Evans, Reuters)

In a Strasbourg mosque, the often-uneasy French mix with Muslim neighbors
(Edward Cody, The Washington Post)

Electing a pope: What's taking so long?
(Richard Allen Greene, CNN Belief Blog)

Cardinal Angelo Scola possible next pope: Archbishop of Milan reaches youth through Kerouac and McCarthy
(Colleen Barry, Associated Press, Worldwide Religious News)

Sephardic Jews invited back to Spain after 500 years
(Gerry Hadden, BBC News)

UN condemns surge of 'vicious' witchcraft attacks on albinos in Tanzania
(Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post)

Federal lawsuit filed in SC Episcopal Church schism
(Bruce Smith, Associated Press, The State)

Eritrea jails 125 Christians in campaign against ‘illegal’ worship
(Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife Africa Service)

Mississippi House votes 108-6 to send school prayer bill to Gov. Phil Bryant (poll)
(Associated Press, Gulf LIve)

Scottish charity regulator holds Catholic adoption agency does not qualify as a charity
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Missouri library can't block pagan website content, judge says
(Associated Press, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Libya condemns Benghazi church attack
(Essam Mohamed, Magharebia)

Saudi Arabia king approves expansion of Prophet’s mosque
(Eurasia Review)

Many Israelis agree with Erdogan on Zionism
(Osama Al Sharif, Arab News)

Cardinals will be informed of Vatileaks background
(Estefania Aguirre, Catholic News Agency)

Final cardinal arrives in Rome for conclave
(David Uebbing, Catholic News Agency)

Assad’s recent lie: I am the last bastion of secularism
(Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed, Arab News)

Karachi, Shia targeted by extremists: over 50 dead and 150 wounded
(Asia News)

Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update

Bangladesh: Islamic party wants to expel minorities, reunify with Pakistan
(Nozrul Islam, Asia News)

For Fr Lombardi, cardinals want to enter the conclave after thinking matters through
(Asia News)

Xi Jinping: pendulum politics towards the Church and the Vatican
(Bernardo Cervellera, Asia News)

Methodist men join calls against Boy Scouts change
(Baptist Press)

College shuts down dorm room Bible study
(Todd Starnes, Fox News)

Blogging on law & religion – 250-odd posts: 50,000 hits
(Frank Cranmer, Law & Religion UK)

US cardinals in Rome told to stop talking to media
(Lizzy Davies, The Guardian)

Arkansas lawmakers back nation's most restrictive abortion bill
(Ed Payne, CNN)

Old Catholic orders fade as monks and nuns age
(Diaa Hadid (Associated Press), Newsday)

Christian crusader defies Supreme Court; hands out flyers on Regina camp
(Associated Press, The Canadian Press)

Cyrus Cylinder, ancient decree of religious freedom, starts U.S. tour
(Ian Simpson, Reuters)

Pope Benedict’s politics defied ideological categories
(Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter)

Should public school money pay for religious education?
(Aaron Kase,

Religious leaders attend capacity building seminar
(Angola Press via All Africa)

Religious leaders from Ukraine visited Brussels
(Karafillis Giannoulis, New Europe)

Vatican diplomat challenges UN to do more to protect religious freedom
(Catholic World News)

Catholic church condemns sterilization law in Panama
(Ariel Moreno, Global Voices)

The God argument: the case against religion and for humanism by AC Grayling
(Jonathan Rée, The Guardian)

CORRECTED: Indonesian provincial vote suggests religion card weakening
(Thomson Reuters, Global Post)

Beijing, illicit and excommunicated bishops promoted to political office in Parliament and Consultative Conference
(Jian Mei, Asia News)

Power of the Catholic Church slipping in Philippines
(Jason Strother, The Christian Science Monitor)

After three-year legal battle, court acquits Montrealer fined $144 over Catholic mass
(Graeme Hamilton, National Post)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

South Africa: To all those calling for religion in schools...
(MerryMartin, News24)

"Moderate" Turkey
(Ali Uyanik, Gatestone Institute of International Public Policy)

Uganda: Mormons in media drive
(Polly Kamukama, The Observer via All Africa)

Zambia: Kabwe church wanted blood- witness
(Sylvia Mweetwa, Times of Zambia via All Africa)

Tanzania: Fifty Ponda followers released on bail
(Faustine Kapama, Tanzania Daily News via All Africa)

Uganda: Mukono school closed for teaching one subject
(Henry Nsubuga, The New Vision via All Africa)

Where religion and real estate collide
(Gil Shefler, The Jewish Week)

The influence of Latin America, Africa and Asia on religion
(Bill McKenzie, Dallas News)

Fire intentionally set at doors of religious center
(Tammy Stables Battaglia, Detroit Free Press)

GOP leaders urged to include religious freedom protection in gov't funding bill
(Napp Nazworth, The Christian Post)

Canadian Religious Freedom Officer scheduled to visit forbidden countries
(International Business Times)

Judge to hear polygamous sect property distribution arguments
(Associated Press, Worldwide Religious News)

My Take: The secret thoughts of a Vatican spokesperson
(The Rev. Thomas Rosica, CNN Belief Blog)

China's troubled Catholic legacy
(Giovanna Chirri, Gazzetta del Sud)

During Benedict’s papacy, religious observance among Catholics in Europe remained low but stable
(Report, The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life)

Iraq’s Chaldean Catholic Church enthrones new patriarch at ceremonial mass
(Associated Press, The Washington Post)

Celibacy for priests a hot issue, just not for church leaders
(Peter Shadbolt, CNN Belief Blog)

Campaign launched to help witchcraft suspects in Malawi
(Lameck Massina, Voice of America Africa)

Egypt book blasts Brotherhood, becomes best-seller
(Yasmine Saleh & Tom Perry, Reuters)

LDS charities leader to speak at U.N. event
(Sarah Jane Weaver, Deseret News)

UAE: Sharia allows for full compensation
(Bassam Za’za’ and Samir Salama, Gulf News)

UK police chaplain sacked for defending traditional marriage on personal blog
(Hilary White, LifeSiteNews)

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