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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What makes a Catholic patriot? OpEd
(Mathew N. Schmalz, Washington Post)

Workplace religious freedom bill moves ahead
(Daily Democrat)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Amnesty says veil bans rob Muslims of jobs, education
(Tim Castle, Chicago Tribune)

Animus and the Kansas Preservation of Religious Freedom Act
(Caroline Mala Corbin, Jurist)

Brighton Conference: Court reform strengthens Europe’s Human Rights system, says Thorbjørn Jagland
(Council of Europe)

British churches would be required to solemnize same-sex unions, legal expert warns

Check your References — Religion and politics since 1945
(Jessica Pellien, Princeton University Press Blog)

Column: Our forefathers got it right -- no religious test
(Michael Medved, USA Today)

Contradictions of religious freedom and religious repression
(Mathijs Pelkmans, The Immanent Frame)

Dominican Republic gears up to host a ‘United Nations in the Caribbean’ as delegates arrive for Religious Freedom World Congress
(PR Web)

Egypt comedian found guilty of offending Islam
(Aya Batrawy, Associated Press )

Growing up Hindu in Pakistan: Kidnapped, converted and married
(Suhag A. Shukla, Esq., Huffington Post Blog)

In Egypt race, battle is joined on Islam's role
(David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times)

Islamists clash with Tunisia state TV employees
(Associated Press )

Kazakhstan: Ahmadi Muslims closed down everywhere, Methodist congregation next?
(Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 News Service)

Michael Novak on the religion of the Foundation Fathers
(Michael Novak, YouTube Inverview)

Muslim women in India seek gender equality in marriage
(Nilanjana S. Roy, New York Times)

NYC church policy challenged in court filing
(Tom Strode, Baptist Press)

Protecting freedom of religion in the secular age
(Cécile Laborde, The Immanent Frame)

Settlement clears way for cross in Mojave Desert
(Robert Jablon, Associated Press )

St. Louis County Jail changes policies to address Muslim concerns
(Jennifer Mann, STL Today)

Taxpayer-funded crisis pregnancy centers using religion to oppose abortion
(Sofia Resnick, Huffington Post)

The Brighton Declaration
(Council of Europe)

Vanderbilt University's religious groups lose recognition
(Katherine Weber, The Christian Post)

What Egypt's leading Islamist presidential candidate thinks about Christians
(Cornelis Hulsman, Christianity Today)

Who's Who at the Seventh World Congress
(International Religious Liberty Association)

World religious freedom congress opens with call to avoid secular society’s lead
(Mark Kellner, Adventist Review)

Monday, 23 April 2012

60 Minutes: Christians of the Holy Land – OpEd
(Paul Woodward, Eurasia Review)

Catholic bishops take on Obama
(Vincent Phillip Muñoz, The Weekly Standard)

Cornish teachers should 'explore' Paganism, Church of England says
(Lucy Sherriff , The Huffington Post UK)

Free speech found guilty by Europe
(Soeren Kern , Jewish Press)

Freedom of religion = Freedom of worship?
(David Cortman, The Christian Post)

Hindus in Pakistan accuse Muslims of kidnapping teens as wives
(Alex Rodriguez, Chicago Tribune)

Intersection of religion, politics isn’t always right
(David Sirota , Chicago Sun-Times)

Lebanese pastor explains his conversion to Christianity
(Chase Wright, The Hour)

Moscow, tens of thousands with Kirill in defense of the faith
(Nina Achmatova,

Mosque responses ignorant
(Ryan Plesh, Huffington Post Blog)

No to forced conversions to Islam and marriage without consent, says Justice and Peace

Palestinian sentenced to death for selling a home to Jews
(Daniel Halper, The Weekly Standard)

Russia: Standing firm for faith
(VOR, Eurasian Review)

School vouchers and the religious subversion of church-state separation
(Katherine Stewart, The Guardian)

Sudan, South Sudan swap accusations of attacks, church raided
(Alexander Dziadosz and Hereward Holland, Reuters)

Tanzania's remarkable religious coexistence impresses neighbors
(Lawi Joel, Tanzania Daily News)

Teaching intolerance
(Eman Al Nafjan , Foreign Policy Magazine)

The bishops on freedom
(Louise Melling, New York Times)

Turkish Catholic Church calls for a return of 200 properties. Better to ask for legal recognition

Vatican and Japan, 60 years of dialogue
(Pino Cazzaniga,

West Java, Islamic extremists attacked an Ahmadi mosque
(Mathias Hariyadi,

Why we have gone to court against the Obama mandate
(William Armstrong, Ken Smith, and Joe Aguillard from the Becket Fund, The Wall Street Journal)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

China begins crack down on terror in areas bordering PoK
(Ananth Krishnan, The Hindu)

Commission publishes research on European Court of Human Rights judgments relating to UK government
(Equality and Human Rights Commission)

Depriving women of inheritance violates Islam: Egyptian cleric
(Dina Al-Shibeeb , Al Arabiya News)

Ethiopia Muslims decry Ahbashism campaign
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency)

Islamic teacher under fire for calling on Welsh Muslims to support fight for Sharia law abroad
(James McCarthy, Wales Online)

Mali group ready to free Swiss hostage: security source
(Agence France Presse)

Muslim mob burns Catholic church in Sudan capital
(Mohamed Saeed, Associated Press )

Organ donation not un-Islamic: Naek
(Recorder Report, Business Recorder)

Sri Lanka orders relocation of mosque

Syria: The battleground between Sunnis and Shiites
(Alon Ben-Meir, The Jerusalem Post)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hye Jin, fled famine, filled by Christ

Indian Muslims cautioned to remain vigilant to safeguard Islamic Sharia
(Pervez Bari, Ummid)

Indonesia: An atheist on trial for religious defamation in Padang, West Sumatra
(Asian Human Rights Commission)

Islamists and education in the Arab world
(Muhammad Faour, Carnegie Endowment)

Mattingly: Religious bias in the newsroom?
(Terry Mattingly, Scripps Howard News Service)

McClellan to live in Southeast Asia to help churches
(Jimmy Smothers, Gadsden Times)

Most Utahns support governor’s veto of sex ed bill
(Lisa Schencker, The Salt Lake Tribune)

Religious liberty: Why a battle 1,700 years ago is relevant today
(Cindy Wooden, Catholic News Service)

Rights group: Kenya police executed terror suspect
(Tom Odula, Associated Press)

Sacred music, hymns and traditional songs to evangelize Vietnam
(J.B. Vu,

Study: Religious hostility escalates worldwide
(Mark Norton, Baptist Press)

Syrian activists: Homs calm as observers expected
(Bassem Mroue , Associated Press )

Tanzania: VP Counsels Religions On New Constitution
(Orton Kiishweko, Tanzania Daily News)

Tunisia government caught between secularists and religious right
(Reese Erlich, Global Post)

Uganda: Pastor Kiwedde Faces Terrorism Charges
(Anne Mugisa and Simon Masaba, All Africa)

Vatican reprimands a group of U.S. nuns and plans changes
( Laurie Goodstein, New York Times)

Friday, 20 April 2012

‘Religion and Discrimination Law in the European Union’ published
(Religion and Society)

An appeasement approach in the European Court of Human Rights?
(Helen Fenwick, UK Human Rights Blog)

Anti-religious amendment before Colorado Court of Appeals
(Emily Hardman, The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty)

Book review: Europe's angry Muslims
(Joshua Sinai, The Washington Times)

Catherine Ashton speech on the report on human rights in the world and the EU's policy on the matter
(The Information Daily)

Catholic activists pushing politicians to turn tide against the death penalty
(Lisa Miller, The Washington Post)

Christian duo held for ‘promoting enmity’ in Kashmir
(DNA Correspondent, Daily News and Analysis)

Contradiction at the intersection of religion and American politics
(David Sirota, Seattle Times)

Defending the European Court of Human Rights
(Jean-Paul Marthoz, Committee to Protect Journalists)

Does religion matter? Time to end profiling
(Engy Abdelkader, Huff Post Religion)

ERLC: Military religious rights need safeguards
(Baptist Press)

Founders' wisdom: Full religious freedom
(Eric Lane, Opinion: My San Antonio)

Freedom of conscience in Russia: Restrictions and challenges in 2011
(Alexander Verkhovsky, SOVA)

In Pakistan, religious leaders help change misconceptions about the polio vaccine
(A. Sami Malik, UNICEF)

Kopimism, Sweden's pirate religion, begins to plunder America
(Jason Koebler, U.S. News)

Parents upset over religious classes in schools
(Maryke Penman, Fairfax)

Q&A: Reforming European Court of Human Rights
(BBC News)

Religion, not responsible for persistent violence – Kukah

Religious crisis: FG urged to amend constitution
(Ganiyu Salman, NIgerian Tribune)

Religious liberty in peril warn speakers at National Catholic Prayer Breakfast
(Thomas Cloud,

Self-immolations shake Tibetan resolve
(Sue Lloyd-Roberts, BBC News)

Sri Lankan woman accused of casting spell on 13-year-old girl could face death
(Rheana Murray , New York Daily News)

Study: Religious hostility escalates worldwide
(Mark Norton, Baptist Press)

The Ganga unites Hindus, Muslims
(Sanjay Pandey, Deccan Herald)

The most pressing issue in global Christianity
(Thomas L. McDonald, Patheos)

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