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Thursday, 21 March 2013

HFEA advises Government to permit creation of three-parent babies
(Christian Concern)

European jihadists: the latest export
(Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute of International Public Policy)

Venezuela Jews unveil new main Sephardic synagogue
(The St. Louis Jewish Light)

Boko Haram threatens JTF spokesperson, demands prisoners exchange for French nationals
(Abubakar Shekau, The Premium Times (Nigeria))

Some countries 'slipping back' to discrimination against LGBT people, says PACE rapporteur
(Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe,

Academy of Pediatrics backs gay marriage; says kids raised in such families do just as well
(Associated Press, The Washington Post Health & Science)

Is French Jewish emigration driven by anti-Semitism?
(Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA)

An Israeli and a Palestinian make a bold plea to Obama and their leaders
(Gadi Kenny and Mahmoud Jabari, Common Ground News Service)

Vatican's communications site runs Batman story
(Associated Press, Yahoo! News)

The last Catholic high school for boys considering priesthood
(Angela Jimenez, Huffington Post)

Delayed marriage fallout: More unwed births, report says
(Kim Painter, Religion News Service)

Health care providers could decline to offer services based on religious views under Michigan proposal
(Tim Martin, Michigan Live)

How the internet is erasing the religious right’s political power
(Gregory Ferenstein, TechCrunch)

David Cameron: I will oppose "aggressive secularisation" of British society
(Rowena Mason, The Telegraph)

Israel and the U.S. are home to more than four-fifths of the world’s Jews
(Graphic, The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life)

State of Kentucky agrees to make broad changes in child care system to protect against religious coercion
(Press Release, ACLU)

Plaintiffs may move ahead on some of their claims charging anti-Semitic bullying
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

France, the Islamic veil and religious discrimination in employment
(Frank Cranmer, Law & Religion UK)

Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update

Is the French Burka Ban Compatible with International Human Rights Law Standards?
(Daniel Barton, Essex Human Rights Review Vol. 9, No. 1. June 2012)

The rise of religious "nones" indicates the end of religion as we know it
(Gary Laderman, Huffington Post)

Civil rights commission to consider religious liberty on campus
(Leigh Jones, World Magazine)

Kentucky: Religious Freedom Act oversteps boundaries
(The Eastern Progress)

Full text of Pope Francis’s address to religious leaders
(Pope Francis, Catholic Herald)

Mosques torched in deadly Myanmar riots
(Al Jazeera)

Russian Orthodox Church, Vatican to stand up for family values
(Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI))

Pope Francis signals core mission – returning Catholics to the church (+video)
(G. Jeffrey MacDonald, The Christian Science Monitor)

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Victim punished for outing vandals
(Angela Lu, World Magazine)

Buddhist, Jewish, Wiccan, Muslim and Sikh prisoners sue over lack of non-Christian chaplains in federal prisons
(Dene Moore, Canadian Press, National Post)

Pakistan’s extremist democracy
(Ahmed Rashid, New York Review of Books)

On gay unions, a pragmatist before he was a pope
(Simon Romero and Emily Schmall, The International Herald Tribune)

Toronto Masons look for ways to reclaim the Masonic Temple
(Rachel Mendleson, The Star (Canada))

Voss Lighting to pay $82,500 to settle EEOC religious discrimination lawsuit
(Press Release, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

French firing over veil was ‘religious discrimination’
(France 24 International News)

Is rights replication undermining the international human rights system?
(1 Crown Office Row barristers' chambers, UK Human Rights Blog)

Pope Francis on Twitter: @Pontifex account blowing up as new pope asserts social media presence
(Dominique Mosbergen, Huffington Post)

Lindisfarne Gospels: Why is this book so special?
(Flavia Di Consiglio, BBC News)

Cyrpus' Orthodox Church offers to mortgage assets to help secure international bailout amid debt crisis
(CBS News)

Traditional Catholics key in on signs of pope’s worship style
(Michelle Boorstein, The Washington Post)

Islamic law comes to rebel-held Syria
(Liz Sly, The Washington Post)

Libya Islamists gaining strength: Libyans concerned by sectarian violence
(Sherif Elhelwa, Huffington Post)

Illicit ordination in China on same day as pope's inauguration
(UCA News)

In 2012 interview, Pope Francis (then-Cardinal Bergoglio) reveals secret of celibacy

'It's not your homeland': An interview with Shlomo Sand
(Lewis Turner, The Palestine Chronicle)

Will a China collapse bring freedom to Tibet?
(Richard Finney, Radio Free Asia)

Jedi weddings could be legal in Scotland, Free Church suggests
(Jessica Elgot, Huffington Post)

Canada: From 'Bible Bill' to Stephen Harper, the evolution of faith-based politics
(Ira Basen, CBC News)

Anti-bullying law not supported
(The Canadian Press, Castanet)

Rand Paul, Ted Poe seek census religion law that already exists
(Michael McAuliff, Huffington Post)

NYPD spying on Muslims bred political and religious suppression, report finds
(Nicole Flatow, Think Progress)

Indonesia: Few hard-liners, political elites behind religious violence: Ministry
(Margareth S. Aritonang, The Jakarta Post)

Muslim girl’s disappearance in Egypt sparks religious strife
(Tarek El-Tablawy, Bloomberg)

Southern Baptists expand north with church plants
(Jay Lindsay, Yahoo! News)

Leading senior assisted living company settles religious discrimination suit with EEOC
(JDSUPRA Law News)

Christian democrats will make religion teaching mandatory for teachers
(The Nordic Page)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Israel's rabbis in retreat as Obama arrives
(Yuval Elizur and Lawrence Malkin, Huffington Post)

Mormons change references to blacks, polygamy
(NPR: All Things Considered)

Philippine Supreme Court halts implementation of contraceptives law amid church opposition
(Associated Press, The Washington Post)

Pope Francis
(Resources on Faith, Ethics, and Public Life, The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs)

Was religious accommodation needed for SCOTUS arguments in same-sex marriage cases? — An Editorial Commentary
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Local Russian hijab ban puts Muslims in a squeeze
(Ellen Barry, The International Herald Tribune)

‘Moorish American national’ charged with trying to take mansion
(Dan Morse, The Washington Post)

**Pope Francis – the Inauguration and More**

Pope Francis inauguration mass - as it happened
(Paul Owen, The Guardian)

The significance of Pope Francis
(Rudolf C. Heredia, The Hindu)

Catholic Church inaugurates Pope Francis in huge, open-air Mass
(Jason Horowitz, The Washington Post)

Pope Francis receives fisherman's ring
(Associated Press Video, The Washington Post)

Pope Francis celebrates Mass to inaugurate his reign amid hope for change
(Buenos Aires Herald)

Pope Francis celebrates grandiose inaugural mass
(Seema Gupta, France 24 International News)

Pope sets tone for humbler papacy, calls for defense of the weak
(Philip Pullella and Catherine Hornby, Reuters)

'Protect the poorest and the weakest. This bishop loves you very much': Pope Francis ditches the pomp as he blesses tens of thousands at inaugural mass
(Jill Reilly, Daily Mail)

Francis-mania grips thousands as Pope delivers inaugural mass
(Polina Chernitsa reporting, Voice of Russia Radio)

Argentine leader asks pope to intervene in Falklands row
(Voice of Russia Radio)

Jews find early signs from Pope Francis encouraging
(Ruth Ellen Gruber, JTA)

New pope is an old friend of the Jewish community
(Mordechai Levin, JTA)

Pope Francis I speaks on Holocaust, Israel and Jews in only book
(Alan Brill and Ronnie Perelis, The Jewish Daily Forward)

The worsening plight of religious minorities in Iran
(Testimony of Five Witnesses, Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission – United States Congress)

In israel, new government is formed without Haredi parties in coalition
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Vatican releases Pope Francis' coat of arms, motto and ring
(The Telegraph)

Religion Without God
(Ronald Dworkin, The New York Review of Books)

Pope Francis inauguration: as it happened
(Sarah Titterton, The Guardian)

Pope Francis holds inauguration mass in the Vatican (VIDEO)
(The Telegraph)

Homily for inaugural Mass of Petrine Ministry [full text, English]
(Vatican Radio)

Inaugural Mass – Liturgy
(Vatican News Services)

Kentucky can still credit ‘Almighty God’ for its security as U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear challenge
(Peter Smith, Courier-Journal)

The religious-liberty rights of profit-making businesses
(Ed Whelan, National Review Online)

Religious-liberty laws have had limited effect nationwide
(Peter Smith, Courier-Journal)

At inaugural Mass, Pope Francis calls for defending environment, poor
(Alessandro Speciale, Religion News Service)

UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief discusses new report on violence against Baha'is in Iran
(Bahá'í International Community United Nations Office)

Unholy alliance [discussion at the UN concerning violence against women] – OpEd
(The New York Times)

Message de haine du PS français contre les défenseurs de la vie et de la famille
(Le blog de Jeanne Smits)

La Turquie rêve de reconstituer l'empire ottoman
(Le Salon Beige)

China police accuse Tibetan of killing wife amid latest 'self-immolation protest'
(Tania Branigan, The Guardian)

Challenge for pope in Europe's dwindling church
(Raf Casert, ABC News)

Pakistan: Blasphemy and forced conversion: two young Christians rescued in Lahore

Aaron Jackson paints rainbow home across from anti-gay church
(Noah Michelson and Carol Hartsell, Huffington Post)

Nigeria: CAN, Osun govt bicker over introduction of hijab in Christian schools
(Gbenga Olarinoye, Vanguard)

Lebanon: Muslim religious leaders meet to avert further tensions
(The Daily Star)

Egypt forms first ever Council of Churches
(Bellah Zulu, Anglican Communion News Service)

Parliamentary inquiry led by Christians claims religious education in schools is “poor”
(National Secular Society)

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