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Friday, 28 September 2012

Tibetan exiles speak out against self-immolations
(Ashwini Bhatia, Associated Press)

Tunisian president vows crackdown on extremists
(Diaa Hadid, Associated Press)

Turkmenistan: Raids, fines, exit denial, bloodied hands
(Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service)

Uruguay lawmakers narrowly approve legalizing abortion, ground-breaking step in Latin America
(Associated Press, Washington Post)

Vatican walks a fine line on trying to combat blasphemy in UN
(Alessandro Speciale, Huff Post Religion)

West and Muslim World jointly criticize religious hatred
(Roberta Fedele, Saudi Gazette)

Thursday, 27 September 2012

'See you at the pole:' Millions of students pray for spiritual awakening
(Alex Murashko, The Christian Post)

‘Pay, Pray and Obey’ meets Church and State: the church tax and the German courts
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

Bay County judge orders man convicted of hate crime to write paper on history of Hinduism
(Cole Waterman, Michigan Live)

Egyptian who tore Bible referred to court
(The Associated Press v. Saudi Gazette)

Obama U.N. speech: A new religion doctrine
(Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service, WWRN)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

'Savage' jihad ad debuts in New York City subway
(Chris Francescani, Reuters)

Australia upholds traditional marriage, World Council of Families praises decision
(Myles Collier, The Christian Post)

British voters sour on immigration
(Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute of International Public Policy)

Fleeing ‘persecution’: 48 Pakistani Hindus arrive in India – never to return home
(International Herald Tribune)

French cartoons – Baiting Muslims and Islam as a fundamental principle of the Republic?
(Dr. Reza Pankhurst, New Civilisation)

German court backs Catholic 'pay to pray' rule
(The Associated Press)

Group: DADT repeal has harmed religious liberty
(Edward Lee Pitts, Baptist Press)

In defense of the right to offend
(Charles C. Haynes, Baxter Bulletin)

Islamist wins delay in UK extradition to United States
(Reuters, Yahoo! News)

Lawyer pushes to unseal Legion of Christ documents
(Michelle R. Smith, Worldwide Religious News)

More Muhammad movies planned, film-makers reveal
(Ben Child, The Guardian)

National Millenial Values Survey Release
(Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs)

Nigeria: President Jonathan condemns denigration of religious beliefs
(Nigeria First, All Africa)

NYC Schools dispensing morning-after pill to girls
(LIndsey Tanner and Karen Matthews, Associated Press)

Obama tells U.N. new democracies need free speech
(Helene Cooper, The New York Times)

Obama to UN: US respects universal values of religious freedom, free speech
(Napp Nazworth, Christian Post)

Pakistan Christian leaders appeal for calm after church attack in retaliation for Mohammed film
(Christian Today Australia)

Pakistani church and school burned by Islamic extremists
(Jeremy Reynalds, ASSIST News Service, Religion Today)

Russia: No more mosques for Moscow?
(Geraldine Fagan, Forum 18 News Service)

State Duma weighs law protecting religious sentiment
(Russia Today, Worldwide Religious News)

Study links mutual fund decisions with religion
(Laura Koran, CNN)

The film and Muhammad cartoons: it's time for a healthy secularism in the West and Islam
(Samir Khalil Samir,

World Muslim group demands laws against "Islamophobia"
(Stephanie Nebehay, Reuters)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Atheist goes to Supreme Court in cross challenge
(The Associated Press v. Chicago Tribune)

Blasphemy proposal challenged
(Bagus BT Saragih and Margareth S. Aritonang, The Jakarta Post)

Buddhist stupa to be moved from Petroglyph National Monument
(The Associated Press v. KUMN)

Colorado Ministry should lose tax exemption for partisan political intervention, says Americans United
(Americans United)

Court sentences Christian bloggers

Defamation of religion
(Sheikh Zakir Elahi, Rupee News)

Extremists establish foothold in the Balkans
(Irfan Al-Alawi, Gatestone Institute)

Federal takeover of B’nai B’rith pension raises questions on group’s future
(Neil Rubin, JTA)

God needs no defense
(Endy Bayuni, Foreign Policy)

HHS mandate allows minors free contraception, sterilization
(CNA/EWTB News, National Catholic Register)

Human Rights First urges Secretary Clinton to speak up for freedom of expression in appearances at United Nations General Assembly
(Brenda Bowser-Soder, Human Rights First)

In Scandinavia, kipah becomes a symbol of defiance for Malmo’s Jews
(Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA)

Iran blocks Google
(Info Security)

Kuwait demands Swiss criminalization of defamation of religions
(Kuwait News Agency)

Lacking a First Amendment, Great Britain is hostile toward religion
(Doug Bandow, Forbes)

Latin American and Caribbean Lutheran churches discuss challenges

Mali Islamists becoming more repressive, report
(Krista Larson, The Associated Press)

Nigeria: 150 arrested in sweep against sect
(CBS News)

Obama defends free speech after asking YouTube to ‘review’ anti-Islam movie
(Spencer Ackerman, Wired)

Shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded world: What blasphemy law debate can mask
(Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, The Washington Post)

Together for peace at Saint John's Church in Bauchi

Tolerating intolerance
(Editorial, Chicago Tribune)

Toothless hate speech laws fail all religions
(Rob L. Wagner, Al Arabiya News)

UN experts' concern for religious minorities in Iran
(Bahá'í World News Service)

Wiggins tour: Rallies highlight Nov. 6 vote over retention of an Iowa Supreme Court justice
(Jeff Eckhoff, Des Moines Register)

Yom Kippur – my religion, my faith
(Ilana Angel, Jewish Journal)

Monday, 24 September 2012

9 Killed, 12 injured in Indian temple stampede
(Associated Press)

Appeals court sides with pharmacists in emergency contraceptives case
(Deborah L. Shelton, Chicago Tribune)

Barrister: equality laws act as a barrier to tolerance
(The Christian Institute)

Bourbon street preaching limits spawn 2nd lawsuit
(Associated Press)

Brazil faiths urge religious respect

Christian girl exonerated in blasphemy case
(Oman Tribune)

Christians face arrest, persecution in Iran, U.N. experts say
(Stephanie Nebehay, Reuters)

Courts says Illinois cannot make pharmacists give 'morning after pill'
(Phyllis L. Smith Asinyanbi,

German Catholics lose church rights for unpaid tax
(BBC News)

German group slams Catholic 'pay to pray' decree
(Frank Jordans,

Judge blocks New Orleans law that prevents preaching in French Quarter
(Bruce Nolan, Washington Post)

Limits on speech to get U.N. hearing — Speakers may revive debate on blasphemy
(Hannah Allam, Spokesman-Review)

Moving the conversation forward on Muslim women’s rights
(Sheherazade Jafari, Common Ground News)

Pakistan government rejects filmmaker bounty

Pope: Christians in politics shall defend traditional family
(Vatican Radio, Talpa brusseliensis christiana)

Saudi King must impeach his Grand Mufti who demanded the destruction of all churches
(Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann, World Security Network)

Sunni Islam leader calls for peace, urges Muslims to have 'patience and wisdom'
(Ian Lee and Mohamed Fadel Fahmy, CNN)

Symposium highlights challenges to international religious freedom
(Jerry Filteau, National Catholic Reporter)

U.S. says best protection for religious dignity is free speech
(Robert Evans, Chicago Tribune)

U.S. scholar wages battle for secularism
(Laurence Broadhurst, Winnipeg Free Press)

UK to extradite radical Muslim cleric to US
(Sylvia Hui & Angela Charlton, Associated Press)

Uzbekistan: 74-year-old woman among latest police raid victims
(Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 News Service)

Why Turkey can’t lead a ban on Islamophobia?
(Barçin Yinan, Hürriyet Daily News)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Fixing Nigeria: Good governance as the missing link
(Kayode Oluwa, Business Day)

Nigerian Military: 2 Radical Sect Leaders Killed

Rise of evangelicals changes Brazilian fashion
(Jenny Barchfield, Associated Press)

Suicide bomber kills two, wounds 46, at Nigerian church
(Funon Inusa, Reuters Canada)

Turkey clips military's wings in landmark verdict
(Ayla Jean Yackley, Reuters)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Anti-Islam film protest muted among India's Muslims
(Anjana Pasricha, Voice of America)

Controversial 'Defeat Jihad' ad to appear in NYC subways
(Erinn Cawthon, CNN)

Germany closes embassies in Muslim countries
(Der Spiegel)

Hindus in Pakistan are a forgotten community
(Naveen Qayyum, World Council of Churches)

Joint statement by the European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, OIC Secretary General, Arab League Secretary General, and African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security

Korean church celebrates 100th anniversary
(World Communion of Reformed Churches)

Louvre opens Islamic art wing amid cartoon row
(Razia Iqbal, BBC News)

OIC shocked by cartoon, urges calm
(Arab News)

Pastors to challenge IRS ban on political speech with 'Pulpit Freedom Sunday'
(Meredith Bennett-Smith, Huffington Post)

Protests over anti-Muslim film leave 15 dead in Pakistan
(National Post)

Religious freedom forum in NY commits to protecting marriage, life
(Stoyan Zaimov, The Christian Post)

Social values, not religion, at the heart of Muslim protests
(Leena El-Ali, Common Ground News)

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