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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Federal lawsuit charges religious freedom commission with discriminating against Muslims
(Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post)

Iranian authorities shut church in Tehran
(Compass Direct News)

Liberty and the HHS mandate
(Jim Styer, guest columnist, Herald-Tribune (Florida))

Morocco using religion to battle alcohol
(Bikya Masr Staff, Bikya Masr)

Nationwide rallies target birth control measure
(Sarah Parnass, Associated Press via ABC News)

Scholar to emphasize Islam as religion of peace during Utah visit
(Lisa Schencker, The Salt Lake Tribune)

Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood
(Barry Rubin, Foreign Policy Research Institute)

Friday, 8 June 2012

'Tension exists' because of military gay policy
(Tom Strode, Baptist Press)

‘Moment’ should replace prayer at gov’t events, says civil liberties association
(Jeremy Warren and David Hutton, The Star Phoenix)

Baja California legislature fails to protect religious liberty, bishops state
(Catholic News Agency)

Canadian crackdown (re: gay marriage)
(Michael Coren, National Review Online)

Comment feature to be reactivated on Religion Clause blog
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Definition of marriage headed for the Supreme Court
(Ryan T. Anderson, Culture Watch)

Egypt: Politicians agree to elect constitutional panel
(Tunis Afrique Presse,

Egypt's political future tangled in legal web
(Hamza Hendawi, Associated Press)

Federal judge strikes down section of Defense of Marriage Act
(Rebecca DiLeonardo, The Jurist)

Gay marriage legalised in Denmark
(Peter Stanners, Copenhagen Post)

House GOP moves to act on religion in vets' funerals
(Chris Lisee, Religion News Service, The Washington Post)

Indian Muslims divided over Delhi HC’s wedding age ruling
(Firstpost India)

Katrina Lantos Swett elected USCIRF Chair, Shaw and Glendon vice-chairs
(United States Commission on International Religious Freedom)

Kuwaiti Emir vetoes legislation authorizing death for 'mocking religion'
(RTT News)

Liveblogging the Religion and Civil Society Conference: Afternoon panel
(Mark L. Movesian, CLR Forum)

Lutherans have ‘grave concern’ with Measure 3
(Jill Schramm, Minot Daily News)

Marriage amendment mobilizes faithful on both sides
(Sasha Aslanian, Minnesota Public Radio)

Nationwide 'Religious Freedom Rally' against Obamacare to be held Friday
(Katherine Weber, The Christian Post)

New Jersey Muslims sue NYPD to end surveillance
(Kevin Loria, The Christian Science Monitor)

Pakistan seeks recording of Jinnah calling for secular state
(Dean Nelson, The Telegraph)

Russian Orthodox Church urges Moldova to amend law on gays
(RIA Novosti)

Sikh TSA agent wins suit over religious wristband
(Lauren Markoe, The Washington Post)

The missing religious principle in our budget debates
(Jim Wallis, Huff Post Politics)

Tunisia rejects al-Qaeda, salafist violence
(Monia Ghanmi, Magharebia)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

“Symposium on Religious Freedom and the Rights of Minorities in Islam"
(ACMCU, Vimeo)

4th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions held in Kazakhstan
(CaspioNet, Worldwide Religion News)

9th Circuit upholds Hawaii licensing requirement for commercial beach weddings
(Howard Friedman, Religion News Service)

Atheism and human rights abuses in Africa
(Leo Igwe, Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies)

Former cadet may challenge required prayer at honor code hearing
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Gay marriage blocked in Washington State; petition gets over 240,000 signatures
(Michael Gryboski, The Christian Post)

Gay pride parade banned for 100 years in Russia
(Brenda Bowser-Soder, Human Rights First)

HHS mandate latest in line of religious crises
(Christine M. Williams, Catholic San Francisco)

Israel moves to improve religious freedom – for Jews
(Joshua Mitnick, The Christian Science Monitor)

NJ allegation: doctors with gay bias denied meds
(Chris Fry, Courthouse News Service)

Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update

Right to religious freedom
(Robert Tufigno, Times of Malta)

Rights groups rally around Pakistan lawyer under threat
(tephanie Nebehay and Rosalind Russell, Reuters)

Same-sex ceremony in military chapel raises need for congressional action
(Chaplain Alliance for Religious Freedom, Alliance Defense Fund)

South Korea: Over 700 conscientious objectors in prison
(Willy Fautré, Human Rights WIithout Frontiers)

The future of religion depends on nurturing belief and faith in children
(Rev. Thomas Bowen, The Washington Post)

Tokyo cult attack suspect relieved by her arrest
(Mari Yamaguchi, Associated Press)

Utah distillery to challenge Idaho ban on "Five Wives Vodka"
(Joanthan Turley, Res Ipsa Loquitur)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

"Fatwa is a feature of countries governed by Islamic law"
(Ayça Söylemez, Bianet)

9th Circuit won't rehear Prop 8 case
(Ginny LaRoe, The Recorder)

Abortion qualms on morning-after pill may be unfounded
(Pam Belluck, New York Times)

Analysis: Ontario Catholic Church chooses quiet diplomacy to fight gay-straight alliances
(Charles Lewis, Holy Post)

Another legal challenge to public crosses fails over taxpayer standing
(Jeremy Weber, Christianity Today)

Arab Spring: Link between thought and reality – OpEd
(Khaled Al-Dakheel, Arab News via Eurasia Review)

As crisis bites, Spanish Church pressed on taxes
(Reuters, Worldwide Religion News)

As expected, Prop. 8 headed for Supreme Court
(Becky Yeh, One News Now)

Chinese police raid religious school, 12 kids hurt
(Alexa Olesen, Associated Press via

Do Religious Freedom Restoration Acts apply when courts enforce civil causes of action?
(Eugene Volokh, The Volokh Conspiracy)

Education appeals await as U.S. Supreme Court term nears finish
(Mark Walsh, Education Week)

Federal suit filed against Philadelphia’s new regulations on homeless feeding programs
(Vernon Clark,

Glenwood church gets zoning exception from Board of Appeals
(Lindsey McPherson, Explore Howard)

Montgomery County school leaders to discuss closing for Muslim holidays
(Jen Bondeson, The Washington Post)

Nigeria: Attack in Bauchi, death toll increases, Boko Haram claims responsibility
(MISNA, Eurasia Review)

Religious freedom walks hand in hand with freedom of speech
(The China Post)

Russia: Many long "extremism" trials, few convictions
(Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service)

San Juan OKs defining 'church,' prompted by Bible study case
(Frank Shyong, The Orange County Register)

Sudan's haphazard sharia legal system has claimed too many victims
(Nesrine Malik, The Guardian)

The bishops and religious liberty
(William Galston | Peter Steinfels | Michael P. Moreland | Mark Silk | Douglas Laycock | Cathleen Kaveny, Commonweal)

Uptick in church closures, attacks in Indonesia
(Vishal Arora and Victor Ambarita, Compass Direct News)

When defendants refuse to stand in court
(Chelsea Phipps, Wall Street Journal)

Young Muslims confused by Sharia, religious leader claims
(Raby Ould Idoumou, Magharebia)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Turkish war of religion: Kurdish activists sense a conspiracy
(Piotr Zaleski / Diyarbakir, Time World)

Christians in the Arab World: One year after the Arab Spring
(Fr Joe Vella Gauci, COMECE, europeifos)

Commentary: Combat bullying, but protect religious and political speech
(Charles Haynes , Northwestern)

Court: Gov't interests trump religious beliefs
(Charlie Butts and Jody Brown, One News Now)

Defend religious liberty for Muslims
(Robert George, First Things)

Do states need to pass laws against Islamic laws?
(News Chief)

Is Measure 3 extra protection or extraneous?
(John Lamb, In Forum)

Islam is a religion, and therefore protected by the Constitution
(Wendy Kaminer, The Atlantic)

Legal expert counters claim that mandate is not religious persecution
(Michelle Bauman, Catholic News Agency)

Mali Islamists impose harsh Sharia
(Jemal Oumar, Magharebia)

New draft law to mandate religious facilities, permit coastal nuclear plants
(BIA News)

North Dakota weighs religious liberty
(William Donohue, Eurasia Review)

Planned Parenthood takes on North Dakota religious liberty measure
(Steven Ertelt,

Rallying cry for religious liberty goes out this Friday
(Matthew A. Rarey, National Catholic Register)

Religion: Freedom of 'worship' or 'religion'? Again.
(Terry Mattingly, Courier Press)

Religious persecution: a serious ground for granting asylum
(José Luis Bazán, COMECE, europeifos)

RI needs law on hate speech: Activists
(Jakarta Post)

Russia's state church: An analysis
(David Satter, Foreign Policy Research Institute)

Sharia law a mask of political interest: Charta Politika
(Jakarta Post)

Tajikistan: Could showdown with popular cleric backfire?
(Eurasia Net)

The Church pushes back
(Mark L. Rienzi, National Review Online)

The reform of the European Court of Human Rights: backlogs and power struggles
(Alessandro Calcagno, COMECE, europeifos)

Vatican censors nun's book on sexual ethics
(Alessandro Speciale, USA Today)

What is a 'church'? Bible studies prompt San Juan to decide
(Frank Shyong, The Orange County Register)

What's changed in Egypt?
(Deepak Tripathi, The Palestine Chronicle)

Why one black minister is risking his church to support gay marriage
(Jennie Rothenberg Gritz, The Atlantic)

Monday, 4 June 2012

'Lakshmi Gold' online slot gambling game withdrawn after Hindus' protest
(Eurasia Review)

Andrews: Defending freedom of religion
(John Andrews, Denver Post)

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