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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Argentina gender rights law: A new world standard
(Fox News via Associated Press)

Christian Legal Society V. Martinez Decision upends campus religious groups
(Adelle M. Banks, Religion News Service)

Church can educate, blow the whistle on human trafficking, say police
(Carol Glatz, Pilot Catholic News)

Hmong families evicted for turning to Christ in Vietnam
(Mission Network News)

In Macedonia, ethnic Albanians protest arrests of murder suspects
(Radio Free Europe)

Indonesia: Police failed to protect Ahmadiyah Mosque from attacks
(William Gomes, Salem-News)

Kansas lawmakers pass anti-Islamic law measure
(Associated Press, USA Today)

Living on a wing and a prayer
(Dan Frosch, The Sydney Morning Herald)

Lord Alton gives Tyburn Lecture on 'What price faith?'
(Lord Alton of Liverpool, Independent Catholic News)

New Arizona law allows religious employers to exclude birth control from insurance plans
(New York Daily News via Associated Press)

Pakistan safe haven for religious minorities: CM
(The News International)

Pope to create Australian ordinariate for Anglicans
(Catholic News Agency)

Rabat Salafists assault woman over dress [Morocco]
(Mohamed Saadouni, Magharebia)

Religious freedom, Shariah take center stage during Egypt's presidential debate
(Luiza Oleszczuk , Christian Post Report)

Religious prosecution in the Qualification Directive: the ‘core’ of fundamental rights as a core business of EU asylum law?
(European Law Blog)

Student-led prayer will continue during graduation ceremonies in Texas

SWC, Open Doors stand up against religious persecution
(Suzanne Pollak , Washington Jewish Week)

The judge Tanja Mileva sentenced Archbishop Jovan to two and a half years of imprisonment

Ugandan faith leaders urge transparency after oil discovery
(Fredrick Nzwili , ENI News)

Friday, 11 May 2012

ACLU files lawsuit against Marion County on behalf of non-religious couples
(Eva Pilgrim, WSBT)

Catholic Middle East expert believes Arab Spring is 'no more'
(Catholic News Agency)

Chile passes anti-discrimination law that had been pending for 7 years
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Critics of Sharia law push Mich. foreign law bills
(Jeff Karoub, My San Antonio via Associated Press)

Gay-led Los Angeles parish breaks with Presbyterian Church
(Ronnie Cohen, Reuters, Worldwide Religious News)

Germany braces for clashes between Islamists, right-wing activists
(Los Angeles Times, Worldwide Religious News)

High Court confronts religious panel over ban on female attorneys
(Jack Khoury, Haaretz)

How the Chinese Communist Party first split on Falun Gong
(Qi Xianyu, The Epoch Times)

Iran’s Baha’i minorites risk persecution to get an education
(Cassandra Morrill, Borderzine)

Measure 3 would add protection to religious beliefs
(Kari Lucin, The Jamestown Sun)

Military class suspended for its view on Islam
(Pauline Jelinek and Robert Burns , Salt Lake Tribune via Associated Press)

New York kosher label act is constitutional, court says
(Bob Van Voris, Bloomberg)

Obama accused of targeting Christians
(Bob Unruh, WND Faith)

Radical cleric Qatada loses European appeal bid
(Peter Griffiths, Reuters, Chicago Tribune)

Religious exemption to premise registration focus
(Jane Fyksen, Agri-View)

Thou shalt not display the Ten Commandments at a public school?
(Richard Simon, Los Angeles Times)

Top Egyptian presidential candidates debate — including views on religion and state
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

At issue: Religious freedom in India
(Charlie Butts, One News Now)

Azerbaijan court closes church: Others could follow
(Cross Rhythms)

Debate: Should churches get tax breaks?
(The New York Times Opinion)

Dick Lugar, international religious liberty stalwart
(Mark Silk , Religion News Service)

EU Parliament Platform for Secularism in Politics promotes assisted self-killing of dying patients
(Talpa brusseliensis christiana)

In effect, Measure 3 a stealth attack on religious liberty in North Dakota
(Dustin White, Inforum)

Indiana's marriage statute violates constitution: ACLU of Indiana files suit on behalf of secular group
(Kokomo Perspective)

Measure 3 would protect religious liberty In North Dakota
(Rob Port,

New Harford Democratic Club: Supporters of gay marriage seek support for the new law in order to protect families
(The Dagger)

Noida prioritizes places of worship
(Joanna Sugden, The Wall Street Journal India)

Obama's same-sex marriage support riles religious conservatives
(Dan Gilgoff, CNN)

Pew Forum Weekly Religion News Update

Religious groups present proposal to preserve Nativity scene displays
(Ashley Archibald, Santa Monica Daily Press)

Secular group sues state over its marriage law
(Carrie Ritchie, Indystar)

Tax breaks: Good for religion, good for America
(Mark L. Rienzi, The New York Times)

Washington's iconic letter to be displayed after decade, message of tolerance comes to Jewish museum
(Paul Berger, The Jewish Daily Forward)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Algeria questions religion's role in campaigns
(Fidet Mansour, Magharebia)

Catholic business group challenges health insurance mandate
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Contra a crise econômica, Portugal corta quatro feriados nacionais
(EFE, Mundo)

Egyptians remain optimistic, embrace democracy and religion in political life
(Pew Research Center)

European court turns down Abu Qatada request
(Al Jazeera)

Georgetown University to assume stewardship of Building Bridges Seminar
(Berkley Center)

Inaction against vigilantes, Indonesia in auto-pilot mode
(Al Makin, The Jakarta Post)

Israeli politician Yair Lapid tells rabbis Israel needs religious equality

Lawyer for Iranian pastor sentenced to death for being a Christian, sentenced to jail
(Deacon Keith Fournier, Catholic Online)

Marriage rights versus rites: OpEd
( Peter Bella, The Washington Times)

Muslim man granted judge-only trial in NSW

North Carolina passes Amendment 1 banning same-sex unions
(Karen McVeigh , The Guardian)

SC orders Haj subsidy phase-out
(Samanwaya Rautray , The Calcutta Telegraph)

Supreme Court decision on religion upends campus religious groups
(Adelle M. Banks, RNS via The Washington Post)

The budget and religion: Principles for informing policy
(Ryan T. Anderson, The Heritage Foundation)

The Politics of the Un-Political: Religious Protest in Contemporary Vietnam
(Colloquium with Lan Chu, UCLA Asia Institute)

Uzbekistan: An "unsanctioned meeting in a private home" - with a bomb?
(Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 News Service)

When religious rules and women's health collide
(Julie Rovner, Shots: NPR Health Blog)

White House: [In gay marriage comments,] We're not talking about faith
(Maggie Haberman, Politico)

Martin Rogers: Soccer and religion meet on the pitch, where the English Premier League considers a change
(Martin Rogers,

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

ACLU fights to remove Ten Commandments display
(Sam Favate, The Wall Street Journal)

Ask the Rabbi: Can a judicial court nullify a conversion?
(The Jerusalem Post)

Becket Fund launches online petition against leading protagonist in Admin.’s assault on religion
(The Becket Fund)

Buddhist abbey a dream fulfilled for U.S. nuns
(Tracy Simmons, RNS via USA Today)

California may ban gay teen 'conversion' therapy
(Associated Press, Fox News)

Call to boost EU-UAE ties
(Ali Zafar, Khaleej Times)

Catholic Church a powerful force in marriage amendment debate
(Sasha Aslanian, Minnesota Public Radio)

Catholic Church supports marriage amendment with prayers, dollars
(Sasha Aslanian, MPR News)

Chen affair highlights Christian ties
(Brian Spegele, The Wall Street Journal)

Controversial Colorado ballot measure withdrawn
(Charles Mahtesian, Politico)

French faith groups hope for unity after presidential vote
(A.D. McKenzie, The Christian Century)

Georgetown’s Kathleen Sebelius invitation called a ‘direct challenge’ to bishops
(Elizabeth Tenety, The Washington Post)

German Bundestag’s Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid meets on situation of Christians and other religious minorities in North Africa and the Middle East
(Deutscher Bundestag)

Greek far right win is a reminder of why we need European human rights standards
(Adam Wagner, UK Human Rights Blog)

House members blast Vanderbilt for policy 'hostile' to religious groups on campus
(John Roberts, Fox News)

Kazakhstan: How many religious books await compulsory state censorship?
(Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service)

New ECHR readings
(Antoine Buyse, ECHR Blog)

Orthodox patriarch calls Putin Russia's legitimate leader
(Ecumenical News Highlights)

Secular group continues legal challenges against national day of prayer
(Michael Gryboski, U.S.)

Should creationist teachers have academic freedom?
(David Moshman, Huffington Post Education)

The Mezuzah needs federal protection
(Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, The Huffington Post)

UK worshippers told 'migrant workers must not become scapegoats'
(Jo Siedlecka, ENI, Anglican Journal)

United Methodists in Tampa: Looking for scapegoats, living in fear
(Christopher H. Evans, The Huffington Post)

Vatican reverses Cleveland Catholic Diocese's closing of 13 parishes
(Michael O'Malley,

Monday, 7 May 2012

Al-Qaeda allies destroy sacred Timbuktu shrine
(Jemal Oumar, Magharebia via Eurasia Review)

Allocation of playing fields did not violate Establishment Clause
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

American female defense lawyer covers up in traditional Islamic dress at 9/11 Guantanamo trial 'out of respect' for her client's religious beliefs
(Daily Mail Online)

British Muslims defend Halal slaughter after calls for ban
(Al Arabia News)

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