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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Canada urges religious freedom and pluralism in Nigeria
(Bikya Masr)

East Texas Baptist University and Houston Baptist University sue over HHS mandate
(Press Release, The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty)

ENInews suspends service, seeks further funding

EVENT at Georgetown University, 11 October 2012: " Which Model, Whose Liberty?: Differences between the U.S. and European approaches to religious freedom"
(International Center for Law and Religion Studies and the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs)

Germany: Co-ed swimming goes to court
(Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute)

In our opinion: Religious liberty is more than freedom of worship
(Editorial, Deseret News)

Losing our religion: One in five Americans are now ‘nones’
(Kimberly Winston, Washington Post)

Moroccan navy prevents Dutch abortion ship from entering waters
(Catholic News Agency)

Nigerian Christians, Muslims protest against common enemy
(Osun Defender)

Pakistani teen girls' activist Malala Yousufzai shot on school bus by Taliban gunman
(Associated Press, CBS News)

Philippine rebel group agrees to peace accord to end violence in south
(Floyd Whaley, The New York Times)

Professor Silvio Ferrari receives 2012 Distinguished Service Award
(International Center for Law and Religion Studies)

Radical Islamist threatens Balkans with terror attacks
(Ivana Jovanovic, Muhamet Brajshori and Paul Ciocoiu, Southeast European Times)

Religious freedom being stifled around the globe, says study
(Myles Collier, Christian Post)

Religious views should be welcomed in our public life
(John Witte Jr., Faith & Leadership)

Report: US Protestants lose majority status
(Rachel Zoll, Associated Press)

Republican lawmakers fighting for 'religious freedom' in N.H.
(Jim Haddadin, Foster's Daily Democrat)

Requirements for religious holidays
(Keisha-Ann G. Gray, Human Resource Exectutive)

Rights group: Egypt draft charter curbs freedom
(Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press)

Slovenia, Estonia announce new shechitah restrictions

Veils pose problems for Brazilian Muslims who want driver's licenses
(Luis Vieira, Fox News Latino)

Venice Commission to issue opinion on Azerbaijan’s draft law on freedom of religious faith

Monday, 8 October 2012

‘Religious freedom’ sends the wrong message to the wrong people
(Doug Saunders, The Globe and Mail (Canada))

A debate on religious liberty in America (VIDEO)
(John G. Malcolm and Sarah Morris, The Foundry)

Chaplain cuts raise ire across spectrum
(Tobi Cohen, The Windsor Star)

Christian publisher Tyndale files suit against contraception mandate
(Dave Bohon, The New American)

CRSS report: 52 murdered in two decades over blasphemy
(Umer Nangiana, The International Herald Tribune (Pakistan))

Decade after Bali, Indonesian terror aims at gov't
(Niniek Karmini, Associated Press)

Egypt releases Coptic children held in blasphemy case
(BBC News)

Eurel conference 2012: Religion and territory, 25-56 October

Europe takes action to protect freedom of religion
(Translation from French by HRWF, La Croix via Human Rights Without Frontiers)

Freedom to worship, speak debated at UN
(The Scranton Times-Tribune)

Hate speech and hypocrisy
(Wlliam Saletan, Opinion, Philadelphia Inquirer)

Hindus cautiously welcome Vienna Centre for Interreligious Dialogue
(Eurasia Review)

India: Dalit Christians protest non-inclusion of priests‏ in Tamil Nadu
(UCAN, Eurasia Review)

Interfaith harmony, respect for religions stressed
(Daily Times (Pakistan))

Iran using religion to achieve political ends
(Ali Bluwi, Al Arabiya News)

Jews in France fear wave of attacks
(Lori Hinnant, Associated Press)

Kentucky's and Indiana's diverse religious scene
(Peter Smith,

My Take: The five biggest misconceptions about secularism
(Jacques Berlinerblau, CNN Belief Blog)

No public funding of religion
(Editorial, Tampa Bay Times)

Northern Ireland vote against same-sex marriage
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

Pulpit freedom Sunday: Pastors defy tax rules, back political candidates
(Nanette Byrnes, Huff Post Religion)

Religion Newswriters Association honors top religion reporting
(Religion Newswriters)

Reparative therapy cannot be justified
(Sarah Cueva, Daily Trojan)

Russia allows clerics to join upcoming elections
(Hürriyet Daily News)

Saudi Arabia religious police chief announces new curbs
(BBC News)

Suspected arsonist in jail, faces federal hate crime charges
(Taylor Dungjen, Toledo Blade)

Switzerland: Urge Turkmen leader to end persecution
(Human Rights Watch)

Terror suspect Hamza appears in court after extradition
(Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty)

The Obama Mandate: The gravest threat to religious freedom in 226 years
(Ken Blackwell,

Tibetan man self-immolates, dies in latest protest
(Associated Press, ABC News)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to prevent terrorism, based on religious hatred
(Translation by Svitlana Sydorenko, Institute for Religious Freedom)

In Yalta representatives of various faiths study the art of coexistence
(Religious Information Service of Ukraine)

International Conference on Islamic Religious Education Held in Kyiv
(Religious Information Service of Ukraine)

Saturday, 6 October 2012

65 detained at violent Azerbaijan headscarf rally
(Associated Press)

Alawite group calls on sect to join Syria revolt
(The Daily Star)

Bishops step into election fray with focus on abortion, same-sex marriage
(Joshua J. McElwee, National Catholic Reporter)

Cardinal Dolan on the US election, the radical abortion license, religious liberty, marriage, debt and solidarity
(Deacon Keith Fournier, Catholic Online)

Catholics decry discrimination against Christians in Europe
(Elisa Van Ruiten and Jordan McMurtrey, Human Rights Without Frontiers)

Complaint over abortion law delays
(Ann Cahill, Irish Examiner)

Kurdish regional government illegally seizing Assyrian lands in north Iraq
(Assyrian International News Agency)

No more talks with Catholic rebels: Vatican official
(Tom Heneghan, Reuters)

Pakistan struggles with smuggled Buddhist relics
(Zarar Khan and Sebastian Abbot, Associated Press)

Pastors prepare to take on IRS over political endorsement ban
(Dan Merica, CNN)

Police, Hindu community give contradicting statements over minority persecution
(Hafez Tunio, International Herald Tribune)

Religious liberty v. free speech
(Randall Lord, Shreveport Times)

Religious workers must wait to file for visas
(Tim Hull, Courthouse News Service)

Friday, 5 October 2012

‘Blasphemous’ display enrages thousands in Belgrade
(Phtotos, RT)

‘Choose love’: Pro-Muslim ads to appear in NYC subways

‘No evidence’ on Nigeria massacre
(AFP & Reuters,

Aaron Blitzer says gay conversion therapy 'cured' his homosexuality, sues California over 'gay cure' ban
(Kathleen Miles, Huff Post Gay Voices)

Cheerleaders with Bible verses set off a debate
(Manny Fernandez, The New York Times)

Could this be the beginning of the end for Pakistan's blasphemy laws?
(Samira Shackle, New Statesman)

Defending religious freedom: It's right & it even polls well
(Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online)

Elmbrook church-state graduation case draws high-profile pro-bono work
(Lisa Sink, Brookfield Patch)

Father has no 'sacred right’ over education of children, rules judge
(Graeme Paton, The Telegraph)

Gay 'cure' fight moves to New Jersey
(Lila Shapiro, Huff Post Gay Voices)

Hurting religious feelings: Russian designer launches warning sign contest

Idea of the day: Marriage equality and religious liberty are not mutually exclusive
(Center for American Progress)

Illinois students get religious liberty protections
(Americans United)

Jordan Islamists stage largest pro-reform protest
(Reporting by Suleiman Al-Khalidi; Editing by Angus MacSwan, Reuters Africa)

Judge tosses challenge to birth control mandate

Minority religion prison clergy cut as part time contracts end
(Douglas Quan,

Pastors to challenge IRS over political endorsements
(Lilly Fowler, Washington Post)

Racial-religious patterns in the 2012 elections
(Jerry Park, Patheos Blog - Black, White and Gray)

Religion under attack: Iran frees imprisoned Christian, but arrests his lawyer
(Eric Schulzke, Deseret News)

Religious freedom binds Bahrain society
(Habib Toumi, Gulf News)

Suspected arsonist faces charges over mosque burning
(David Ariosto, CNN Belief Blog)

Temple Mount briefly closed, nine arrested
(Melanie Lidman, Jerusalem Post)

Thousands join Islamic Jihad rally in Gaza
(Ma'an News Agency)

U.N., the debate on the recognition of Palestine as a state scheduled for mid-November

UN Human Rights Council attempts to create global abortion right
(Susan Yoshihara,

Uzbekistan: "Illegal extremists" or peaceful Muslims?
(Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 News Service)

When the UN breach human rights… who wins?
(Alasdair Henderson, UK Human Rights Blog)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Amendment 8 pits religious groups against backers of church-state separation
(Leslie Postal, Orlando Sentinel)

Archbishop Lori discusses presidential debates, polls and the beatitudes
(Joan Frawley Desmond, National Catholic Register)

Atheists ask military to drop 'religious expressions' in suicide prevention briefings
(Alex Murashko, The Christian Post)

Being a religious minority (in public schools)
(Jason Pitzl-Waters, Patheos Blog - The Wild Hunt: A Modern Pagan Perspective)

Brussels: between Athens and Jerusalem
(Piotr Mazurkiewicz, COMECE, EuropeInfos)

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