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Friday, 6 May 2022

A Proclamation on National Day of Prayer, 2022
(Joseph R. Biden Jr., The White House)

CALL FOR PAPERS, 6 May 2022: 2022 Notre Dame Church, State & Society Writing Competition
(Program on Church, State & Society at Notre Dame Law School)

EVENT, 5-6 May 2022: Freedom for Us or for All? (Non-)Religious Communities and FORB Rights
(Evangelische Theologische Faculteit)

CALL FOR PAPERS, abstracts due 6 May 2022: ‘The Natural’ in International Law
(Asia School of Business, the Amsterdam Center for International Law and the Graduate Institute Global Governance Centre)

EVENT, 6 May 2022 (12PM ET): The Missing Religious Center: How the Decline of Christianity Polarized America
(Ross Douthat, Faith & Law)

WEBINAR, 6 May 2022 (12:30PM EDT): Race, Religion, and American Nationalism
(Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University)

Is the abortion debate a religion story? - Disucssion
(Bobby Ross Jr., Clemente Lisi, Adelle Banks, Kelsey Dallas, BeLynn Hollers, Kate Shellnutt, Religioni Unplugged's Weekend Plug-In)

Feminists rally for Argentine nuns who denounced archbishop
(Natacha Pisarenko and Almudena Calatrava, AP News)

Abortion restrictions v. religious free exercise: Which will win?
(Mark Silk, Religion News Service)

Here's what hospital care could look line in a post-Roe world
(Elizabeth Reiner Platt, Religion Dispatches)

Democratic Republic of Congo: A nun built a hydroelectric plant that's providing free power to a town in Africa. Here’s how
(World Economic Forum)

Roe vs Wade is purely an American issue, not a regression to 'Supreme Sharia Court'
(Diana Alghoul, The New Arab)

Podcast: About post-Roe politics and Biden's evolving doctrines on choosing to 'abort a child'
(Terry Mattingly, GetReligion)

Abortion bombshell: Panel explores religious response to Roe v. Wade's likely strikedown
(Bobby Ross Jr., Religion Unplugged)

Once conflicted, Biden embraces role as abortion defender
(Chris Megerian, Associated Press)

Survey: White evangelicals oppose abortion; all other religious groups support it
(Yonat Shimron, Religion News Service)

Will President Biden protect worshipping Catholics from pro-abortion zealots?
(Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, National Review)

Spanish bishop laments that Biden is fashioning a religion to suit his support for abortion
(David Ramos, Catholic News Agency)

America’s abortion quandary
(Pew Research Center)

Threat of losing Roe is clergy's call to action for abortion rights
(Bob Smietana and Alejandra Molina, The Washington Post)

With Roe teetering, religious activists on both sides flock to the Supreme Court
(Jack Jenkins, Religion News Service)

You are my other me: The importance of educating the Mexican women of the future
(Emily Featherstone, FoRB in Full: A blog by CSW)

Cuba: The new Cuban legislation on the family is ‘harmful for families and the nation’
(Daniel Hofkamp, Evangelical Focus)

Cuban Zersetzung: The disruptive Stasi tactics employed by the Cuban government to disintegrate church life in Cuba
(Freya Vickery, FoRB in Full: A blog by CSW)

Churches are closing in predominantly Black communities – why public health officials should be concerned
(Yusuf Ransome, Insang Song, Linh Pham, and Camille Busette, Brookings Institution)

Seeking clarity on prayer at school
(Asma Uddin, Freedom Forum Institute)

Perspective: Government speech doctrine is a dangerous path toward censorship
(David Hudson, Freedom Forum Institute)

Canada: Memo: Redefining chaplaincy
(Michael Van Pelt, with Andrew Bennett, Andreae Sennyah, Cardus)

Canada: Euthanasia is a runaway train in Canada. It’s time to hit the brakes.
(Brian Bird, National Post)

Canada: Sidelined by election, anti-Islamophobia bill promised by NDP, Liberals
(Jennifer Bieman, London Free Press)

Torture, inhumanity and degradation under Article 3 of the ECHR: Absolute rights and absolute wrongs
(An interview with Natasa Mavronicola, Strasbourg Observers)

Rethinking European consensus, reimagining human rights
(Jens T. Theilen; questions by Natasa Mavronicola, Strasbourg Observers)

Remember Afghanistan’s Hazaras
(Knox Thames, The Diplomat)

Iran: Second Iranian Christian woman began prison sentence on Easter Saturday
(Article 18)

Iran: No place for converts: Iran's persecuted Christians struggle to keep the faith
(Michael Scollon, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty)

Chinese court summons Christian pastor for ‘illegal’ religious acts
(Union of Catholic Asian News)

Tunisia: Amid political turmoil, Tunisian Church faces questions of unity
(Kevin Zeller, Mission Network News)

Death doesn’t stop persecuted churches from multiplying in South Asia
(Sue Sprenkle, International Mission Board)

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro calls defending the unborn a 'mission from God'
(Life Site News)

Beauty ban: Turkmenistan puts severe restrictions on women's appearance, ability to travel
(Farangis Najibullah, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty)

Sudan: Mohaned Elnour full interview (on human rights)
(YouTube Video, Tina Ramirez, Hardwired Global)

Turkey: a ‘church with open doors’ in an Islamic society
(Aid to the Church in Need)

European Parliament passes “hostile” report on persecuted religious minorities
(ADF International)

McConnell, Utah leaders honor ‘larger than life’ Orrin Hatch
(Sam Metz, Associated Press)

Cardinal: Pope OK’d spending 1M euros to free kidnapped nun
(Nicole Winfield, Associated Press)

Universities hide anti-Israel faculty behind shield of 'academic freedom'
(Scott A. Shay, Real Clear Religion)

Church cannot remove cremated remains over objections of families
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

1st Circuit hears oral arguments on religious exemption to school's vaccine mandate
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Unanimous Supreme Court holds Boston’s refusal to fly Christian flag violates free speech guarantee in light of practices allowing other flags
(Don Byrd, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)

S3, Ep. 16: SCOTUS decision roundup: Shurtleff v. Boston, Ramirez v. Collier, and the leaked Dobbs draft
(Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)

Arizona bishops lament upcoming executions, say death penalty is unneeded
(John Lavenburg, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Nigerian president: ‘Fratelli Tutti’ good road map for West African peace
(Peter Ajayi Dada, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

New video: Generosity leads to global impact
(Institute for Global Engagement)

IGE Global Horizons | April 2022
(Institute for Global Engagement)

Satanic Temple follows ‘Judeo-Christian’ group’s SCOTUS win with flag request
(Heather Greene, Religion News Service)

When assisted suicide becomes 'a crossing over' church rite and a mere 'procedure'
(Douglas LeBlanc, GetReligion)

Leftist trap against freedom of religion and speech said MEP Gyorgy Holvény
(The European Times)

Scientology says World Press Freedom Day must protect media but also religion from biased hurtful lies
(The European Times)

UK: New powers to shut down illegal Charedi schools announced
(Jewish News)

What theological roots of reasonable doubt might teach us
(Peter Wosnik, Canopy Forum on the Interactions of Law & Religion)

Homophobia: Africa’s moral blind spot
(Tafi Mhaka, Al Jazeera)

The Society: Scientific Journal of the Social Doctrine of the Church (Italian)
(Religions for Peace)

Why the Dobbs leak is dangerous
(Mark Movsesian, First Things)

Three new Christian colleges face federal Title IX probes over gay, transgender complaints
(Mark A. Kellner, The Washington Times)

Protecting religious free exercise like other First Amendment rights: A response to Justice Barrett
(Frederick Mark Gedicks, Talk About: Law and Religion - Blog of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies)

Religion News Association names new executive director
(Religion News Service)

Cameroon: Ethnic clashes in Cameroon aren’t about religion
(R. Maxwell Bone, Foreign Policy)

Whatever happened to separation of church and state?
(Chris Williams, Above the Law)

Australia: Bid to have satanism classes in Queensland government schools dismissed as a ‘stunt’
(The Guardian)

India: Many times over, Haryana's BJP govt has shown it stands with the extremist Hindu right
(Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar, The Wire)

WCC, Religions for Peace will release joint message on statelessness: “Belonging—Affirmations for Faith Leaders’
(World Council of Churches)

WCC joins online event to share initiatives protecting children from the climate crisis
(World Council of Churches)

South Sudan: church leaders vow to enhance spiritual renewal in a bid to bring peace
(Catholic Information Service for Africa)

Mozambique: Bishop appeals for aid in the troubled Cabo Delgado Province
(Catholic Information Service for Africa)

Crimean "Mufti" declared Kherson "Russian" and announced the "establishment of ties" with the Muslims of the occupied regions
(Religious Information Service of Ukraine (RISU))

Ukraine: A bill on sanctions against Patriarch and hierarchs of ROС submitted to Parliament
(Human Rights Without Frontiers International)

Ukraine: Is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church/ Moscow Patriarchate on the side of Moscow or Kyiv?
(Human Rights Without Frontiers International)

What a cathedral and a massive military parade show about Putin’s Russia
(Lena Surzhko Harned, Religion News Service)

Ukrainian Orthodox Church says bans on its activities imposed by local authorities have no legal force

Russia: First known criminal investigation for opposing Ukraine war on explicitly religious grounds
(Victoria Arnold, Forum 18 News Service)

Patriarch Kirill calls on believers to pray for Russia to be protected from external, internal enemies

Russia: How the Russian Orthodox Church enabled Putin’s war on Ukraine
(Viktor Yelenskyi, Human Rights Without Frontiers International)

Russia: Religious opposition to war in Ukraine – prosecutions and detentions
(Victoria Arnold, Forum 18 News Service)

Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is concerned about Pope Francis' statements about the war in Ukraine
(Religious Information Service of Ukraine (RISU))

Orthodox Jews who served as US Supreme Court clerks
(Avigail Goldberg, Jew in the City)

Thursday, 5 May 2022

Colloque international 5-mai 2022: “Neutralité, religion, entreprise”: International conference on religious neutrality in the workplac
(Chaire Droit & Religions, UCLouvain - Musée L, Place des Sciences, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgique))

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS, deadline 5 May 2022: ODIHR Panel of Experts on the Freedom of Religion or Belief
(The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)

EVENT, 5 May 2022 (6PM EDT): Source of Fracture or a Foundation? The Role of Education in Advancing Religious Freedom
(Religious Freedom Institute)

WEBINAR, 5 May 2022 (7:30PM ET): Judah Touro Program Series / "Religious Freedom in Early America: Newport’s Colonial Jewish Community in Context"
(Touro Synagogue Foundation)

EVENT, 5 May 2022 (15.00 Rome): L’uguale libertà religiosa in Italia
(DiReSoM: Diritto e Religione nelle Società Multiculturali/ Law and Religion in Multicultural Societies)

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Statement | COMECE ahead of EP motion for resolution on the persecution of minorities on the grounds of belief or religion
(The Catholic Church in the European Union)

Sweden: Muslim graves vandalized in Sweden
(International Quran News Agency (IQNA))

UK: Ecclesiastical court judgments – April (II)
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

UK: Religiously aggravated charge reinstated after community outrage
(Jewish News)

European Parliament backs persecution report criticized by Catholic Church
(Catholic News Agency)

Belgium: European Court says Belgium can protect religion and religious beliefs of employees
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Austria: CEC provides training to Austrian churches to realise safe and strong communities
(Conference of European Churches)

EVENT, 4 May 2022 (7.30PM Dublin): Anti-Christian persecution: what it is and why it is ignored: A talk by Fr Michael Nazir-Ali
(The Iona Institute)

Satanic Temple asks Boston to fly flag after court ruling
(Philip Marcelo, Associated Press)

Boston Christian flag denial stifled free speech, justices say
(Brian Dowling, Law360)

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