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Friday, 13 May 2022

There’s no separation of church and state on the Supreme Court
(Eleanor Clift, Daily Beast)

Indonesia: Tackling the problem of identity violence against pluralists
(Syafiq Hasyim and Norshahril Saat, Fulcrum: Analysis on Southeast Asia)

French mayor reignites burkini row with pool rule proposal
(Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian)

EU’s amended Digital Services Act fails to better regulate ‘revenge porn’
(Jelena Prtorić, Open D)

Can the postmodern natural law remedy our failing humanism?
(Law & Liberty)

In Nepal, fellows form bonds and learn dialogue “on site”
(KAICIID Dialogue Centre)

Malaysian media furor over allegations of halal abuse
(Murray Hunter, Asia Sentinel)

Germany: Lawyers plan suit against Lufthansa over Jewish passengers
(Associated Press)

Mission Berlin: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and its nearly 170 years in Germany’s capital city
(Ken Chitwood, Religion Unplugged)

Spain: At a Crossroads: An Intergenerational and Multireligious Response to the Social and Environmental Crisis!
(Religions for Peace)

Responding to hatred: CAIR-Ohio’s Amina Barhumi joins WOSU program to talk hate crimes, Islamophobia
(Council on American-Islamic Relations)

Colorado church: City’s RV ban is a violation of religious freedom
(Mark A. Kellner, The Washington Times)

Southern Baptists say giving, baptisms up in 2021, but attendance, number of churches down
(Mark A. Kellner, The Washington Times)

Timor-Leste adopts papal document on human fraternity
(Ryan Dagur, Union of Catholic Asian News)

Pakistani court convicts 22 over Hindu temple mob attack
(Union of Catholic Asian News)

Sri Lankan religious leaders reject new PM's appointment
(Union of Catholic Asian News)

Egypt: Endowments Ministry limits Friday sermon to 10 minutes
(Sarah El-Sheikh, Daily News Egypt)

Explainer: States propose bills related to parental rights, gender identity, and sexuality
(Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission)

Louisiana S. Ct. precludes prosecution of pastor for violation of early-pandemic gathering size limits
(Eugene Volokh, The Volokh Conspiracy)

After girl, 3, dies in botched exorcism at Pentecostal church, ritual takes spotlight
(Leonardo Blair, The Christian Post)

Texas Supreme Court allows state to investigate sterilization of gender-confused kids as child abuse
(Michael Gryboski, The Christian Post)

Spate of churches, pro-life offices torched, vandalized nationwide since Supreme Court leak: list
(Ryan Foley, The Christian Post)

Turkey: Experts warn Istanbul's iconic Hagia Sophia at risk as ancient gate damaged
(Pinar Tremblay, Al-Monitor)

South Korea: Alternative civilian service violates international standards
(Human Rights Without Frontiers International)

BIC: Promoting principle of oneness in African-European partnership
(Bahá’í World News Service)

What's the ius in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization?
(Kevin C. Walsh, Mirror of Justice)

Why religion-based support is vital for Afghan refugees
(Andrés Martínez, Carolina Buendia Sarmiento, The United States Institute of Peace)

Afghanistan: How the Taliban’s hijab decree defies Islam
(Belquis Ahmadi and Mohammad Osman Tariq, The United States Institute of Peace)

IRF Ambassador on meeting with OIC Secretary General
(Rashad Hussain, Twitter)

UGCC bishops discuss issues of pastoral care of Ukrainian servicemen
(Religious Information Service of Ukraine (RISU))

The Synod of Ukrainian Orthodox Church asks Zelensky to put an end to her oppression

Standing in solidarity: Notre Dame expands partnership with Ukrainian Catholic University
(Dennis Brown, University of Notre Dame)

Religion Watch, Volume 37 No. 6
(Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion)

How to pick a pathway to peace in Ukraine?
(Ned Temko, The Christian Science Monitor)

Russia: Opposition to war in Ukraine – official pressure and censorship
(Victoria Arnold, Forum 18 News Service)

Russia: Five Jehovah's Witnesses lose appeal in Far East
(SOVA Center for News and Analysis, Russia Religion News (Stetson University))

Jehovah's Witnesses member in Nizhny Novgorod given 6-year suspended sentence

Ukraine’s religious community perseveres through the horrors of war
(Nick Schifrin, Madeline Powell, Volodymyr Solohub, Shoshana Dubnow, PBS News Hour)

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Hong Kong: The effect Cardinal Zen’s arrest will have on China’s underground church
(Net: New York's Catholic Station)

Hong Kong: National security law: arrest of Hong Kong’s Cardinal Joseph Zen sparks concerns over wider net cast against religious institutions
(Mimi Lau, South China Morning Post)

Hong Kong cardinal Joseph Zen arrested under China's security law
(Tiffany Wertheimer, BBC News)

Weekly Highlight #205: COVID-19: Exploring faith dimensions: Eid celebrations after two years of COVID-19 restrictions; faith and gender-based violence
(Berkley Center, Joint Learning Initiative, WFDD)

Algerian Christians receive reduced fine for “unauthorized worship”
(International Christian Concern)

Nigeria: Children among 29 Christians Killed in Plateau State, Nigeria
(Morning Star News)

Israeli government quakes as Al Jazeera journalist shot, Al-Aqsa heats further
(Mazal Mualem, Al-Monitor)

Israel's Holocaust memorial chairman Dani Dayan: Lavrov's Hitler remark 'classic antisemitism' (podcast)
(a, Al-Monitor)

For Jews, Christians: Is there a chance for reconciliation in the future?
(Toby Klein Greenwald, The Jerusalem Post)

Australia: Victoria to be first Australian state to ban Nazi symbols
(Zvika Klein)

Calling genocide by its name: Atrocity prevention in foreign policy
(Knox Thames, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI))

How Christian nationalism perverted the judicial system and gutted our rights
(Katherine Stewart, The New Republic)

Greek priests oppose same-sex marriage legislation in Greece
(Neos Kosmos)

Belarus: First-ever Old Believer Church in Minsk "inexpedient"
(Olga Glace, Forum 18 News Service)

The EU’s crisis of faith is failing victims of persecution
(Georgia du Plessis, The European Conservative)

US Jewish group rush to aid 'Righteous Gentiles' in Ukraine
(Stewart Ain, The Jerusalem Post)

Czech Republic elected to replace Russia on U.N. rights council

German airline apologizes for excluding Jewish passengers
(Associated Press)

Wives of Mariupol defenders to pope: ‘You are our last hope’
(Nicole Winfield, Associated Press)

UAE: Now in spotlight, Dubai Jews struggle for public synagogue
(Isabel Debre, Associated Press)

Rev. Barber: Conviction after NC protest ‘badge of honor’
(Associated Press)

Plaintiff lacks standing to challenge no-fault divorce law under 1st Amendment
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Court enjoins part of school's policy on transgender students' preferred names
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Religious beliefs give strength to the anti-abortion movement – but not all religions agree
(Steven K. Green, Religion News Service)

Department of Interior releases first report detailing US Indian boarding schools
(Emily McFarlan Miller, Religion News Service)

Jordan’s King Abdullah, custodian of holy sites, meets US Christian leaders
(Daoud Kuttab, Religion News Service)

White House’s Melissa Rogers affirms religious diversity as interfaith group expands
(Adelle M. Banks, Religion News Service)

Why ‘how faith groups feel about abortion’ could be the wrong question
(Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News)

Germany: Lufthansa apologizes for excluding Jewish group over mask rules
(Deutsche Welle)

Sri Lankan priests, nuns play mediators to avert violence
(Union of Catholic Asian News)

Sri Lanka extends curfew after days of deadly protests
(Deutsche Welle)

When does life begin? Religions don't agree
(Sarah McCammon, National Public Radio)

Sanctions against Patriarch Kirill will not affect his activities in any way – Russian Church

Dramatic story of Kyrgyz Christian swept up in China's Uyghur repression gets very little ink
(Julia Duin, GetReligion)

Bravo! The New York Times reports that evangelicals are divided, not united on politics
(Terry Mattingly, GetReligion)

Côte D’Ivoire: Cardinal Parolin discusses peace and reconciliation with top leaders in country
(Catholic Information Service for Africa)

Evangelical Lutheran Church short ‘at least 600’ pastors as many step away from ministry amid pandemic
(Leonardo Blair, The Christian Post)

The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Act 2022
(Frank Cranmer, Law & Religion UK)

Church of England urges Christians to 'repent' for 'anti-Judaism', anti-Semitism
(Ian M. Giatti, The Christian Post)

Local Ukrainian governments prohibit Moscow church
(RISU, Russia Religion News (Stetson University))

Vatican Secretary of State leads Liturgy and prayer for peace in Ukraine on Europe Day at the UGCC Church in Rome
(Religious Information Service of Ukraine (RISU))

A military chaplain of the UGCC names the condition for ending the war
(Religious Information Service of Ukraine (RISU))

Theoretical physicist Dr. Frank Wilczek receives 2022 Templeton Prize
(Paul Glader, Religion Unplugged)

Senate hearing examines political role of tax-exempt organizations
(Steve Rabey, Religion Unplugged)

Kathmandu Statement: FPCC Regional Faith Engagement Forum for South Asia
(Religions for Peace)

Community advisory: CAIR webinar (5/16 @ 3 PM ET) – protecting Muslim community centers and mosques
(Council on American-Islamic Relations)

Parental rights and their limits
(Scott Yenor, First Things)

Survey: 70% of Americans approve of shift from ‘Judeo-Christian’ nation to ‘multifaith’
(Mark A. Kellner, The Washington Times)

Satanic Temple joins pro-choice movement, demands ‘religious abortion access’ if Roe reversed
(Mark A. Kellner, The Washington Times)

2021-2022 Annual Report
(KAICIID Dialogue Centre)

RECOWA calls for justice across Africa as new officers elected
(Justine John Dyikuk, Union of Catholic Asian News)

Indonesia: Priest calls for release of arrested Papuan activists
(Katharina R. Lestari, Union of Catholic Asian News)

Myanmar's Christian regions spurn junta peace talks
(Union of Catholic Asian News)

May 2022 Issue
(The Center for Religion and Media at NYU)

Editor's Letter: Banned books and rising Christian nationalism
(Brett Krutzsch, The Revealer)

Japan Muslims face difficulties burying dead
(International Quran News Agency (IQNA))

Fuelled by Kosher food, leading rabbi joins landmark Saudi Arabia interfaith summit
(Toby Porter, Jewish News)

APC prepares for 2023 CEC General Assembly
(Conference of European Churches)

Mixed results in the global fight against pedocriminality in the Church
(Xavier Le Normand, La Croix International)

Colombian bishops prep presidential candidates on working for common good
(La Croix International)

This Michigan town repealed a ban on fortunetellers, but might break state law if it tries to regulate them
(Fiona Harrigan, Reason)

Is it unconstitutional for laws to be based on their supporters' religiously founded moral beliefs?
(Eugene Volokh, The Volokh Conspiracy)

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