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Monday, 31 October 2022

Bishops of Chad call for peace after rebels reject peace proposals
(Ngala Killian Chimtom, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Asian bishops commit to work with nations, NGOs for better continent
(Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Governor Newsom statement on antisemitic hate in Los Angeles
(Office of Governor Gavin Newsom)

Podcast: Much to learn in ongoing cases with cannabis church and yet another Christian baker
(Terry Mattingly, GetReligion)

UK Government drops plan to combat anti-Muslim hatred with official definition of Islamophobia
(Lizzie Dearden, Independent)

When a unilateral cancellation amounts to discrimination: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
(Frank Cranmer, Law & Religion UK)

Ecclesiastical court judgments – October (I)
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

Law and religion round-up – 30th October
(Frank Cranmer, Law & Religion UK)

The unabashed Hindu faith of Britain's new prime minister Rishi Sunak
(Malo Tresca, La Croix International)

NSS raises concerns over judge’s religion remarks
(National Secular Society)

Religious diversity’s benefit for democracy
(Robert Wuthnow, Canopy Forum on the Interactions of Law & Religion)

Book review: A low but solid grounding for religious liberty
(Richard M. Reinsch II, Law & Liberty)

Book review: Bare-bones religious freedom
(Steven D. Smith, Public Discourse: The Journal of the Witherspoon Institute)

Myanmar mourns monk who promoted interfaith harmony
(Union of Catholic Asian News)

India: Thousands of mosques targeted as Hindu nationalists try to rewrite India’s history
(Hannah Ellis-Petersen, The Guardian)

Federal court upholds cruel, unconstitutional St. Louis ban on sharing food with homeless
(Baylen Linnekin, Reason)

Christian party Norway wants to change its name
(Christian Network Europe)

Russian Christians persecuted for refusing mandatory mobilisation in the war
(Kathryn Idema, Christian Network Europe)

Russian official apologizes for op-ed that country’s Jewish leaders called ‘vulgar antisemitism’
(Philissa Cramer, Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

West has no right to impose its values on world – Putin

Pope urged to talk of human rights, political prisoners, in Bahrain visit
(Philip Pullella and Ghaida Ghantous, Reuters)

Ahead of midterms, faith plays central role in Republican efforts to win Latino votes
(Alejandra Molina, Religion News Service)

Singapore: Stronger laws on religious harmony to take effect on Nov 1
(The Straits Times)

Brazil: Protesters protest against religious intolerance in Londrina (Portuguese)
(Vitor Ogawa, Folha de Londrina)

Brazil: Indigenous people in Brazil face spiritual, cultural and physical threat, says UN (Portuguese)
(Jamil Chade, UoL)

Brazil: Law of religion in Brazil: A legal analysis (Portuguese)
(Carol Paranhos, Portal R10)

Brazil: President couldn't legalize abortion and close churches on his own (Portuguese)

Sunday, 30 October 2022

WEBINAR, 30 October 2022 (4PM ET): Cyrus’ Cylinder: A Timeless Zoroastrian Legacy, FEZANA's first Pre-Parliament Event (2023 Parliament of World's Religions)
(Sam Billimoria, Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America)

Friday, 28 October 2022

Iran: protesters call for move to a non-religious state. What changes would that bring?
(Hossein Dabbagh, The Conversation)

Iran’s leaders try to link deadly shrine attack to protests
(Associated Press)

Rabczewska v. Poland and blasphemy before the ECtHR: A neverending story of inconsistency
(Tommaso Virgili, Strasbourg Observers)

Banning body-covering swimwear: The Human Rights Centre submitted a third party intervention to the ECHTR in Missaoui and Akhandaf v. Belgium
(Cathérine Van de Graaf, Strasbourg Observers)

Church Reporter, Vol. 7/10, 20 October 2022 - Newsletter for the English speaking members and friends of the Church Law Society
(Jiří Rajmund Tretera and Záboj Horák, eds., Church Law Society Prague – Brno – Olomouc – Stříbro – České Budějovice)

International Religious Freedom Day
(Antony J. Blinken, U.S. Department of State)

USCIRF observes International Religious Freedom Day
(U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom)

Religious freedom is a fundamental human right
(Jim Risch, Senate Foreign Relations Committee)

EEOC and Kroger Limited Partnership I resolve religious discrimination lawsuit
(U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

Kroger settles religious bias suit over 'promise' logo on aprons

International Religious Freedom Day remark
(Twitter, Antony Blinken)

Antisemitism decried four years after Pa. synagogue attack
(Peter Smith, Associated Press)

Overt U.S. antisemitism returns with Trump, Kanye West: ‘Something is different’
(Michelle Boorstein and Isaac Arnsdorf, The Washington Post)

45% of Americans say U.S. should be a ‘Christian nation’
(Gregory A. Smith, Michael Rotolo and Patricia Tevington, Pew Research Center)

Nearly half of Americans think U.S. should be ‘Christian nation,’ poll finds
(Jack Jenkins, The Washington Post)

Notre Dame Religious Liberty Clinic represents Bruderhof, Sikh, and Muslim groups defending a Rastafarian inmate’s right to wear dreadlocks
(Anna Bradley, University of Notre Dame Law School)

Jewish couple asks Tennessee court to allow suit over religion-based foster care rejection
(Mark A. Kellner, The Washington Times)

Japan: Unification Church scandals haunt Kishida government
(Julian Ryall, Deutsche Welle)

Japan: Children of religious parents in Japan call for legal reforms to protect kids
(The Yomiuri Shimbun, The Japan News)

With over-the-counter birth control pills likely to be approved, pharmacists and pharmacies could play an ever-increasing role in reproductive health care
(Lucas Berenbrok and Marian Jarlenski, The Conversation)

New book: The Church of Saint Thomas Paine: A Religious History of American Secularism
(Leigh Eric Schmidt, Princeton University Press)

Thailand’s new abortion law faces both Buddhist and Christian opposition
(Tessa Sanchez, Christianity Today)

Сhief Rabbi of Russia criticizes an article by Patrushev's assistant on alleged Neo-Pagan cults in Ukraine
(Religious Information Service of Ukraine (RISU))

Europe/Russia - "Ecumenism of blood". In Moscow the memory of martyrs unites Christians of different confessions
(Agenzia Fides)

Chinese evangelist detained yet again
(International Christian Concern)

Nepal is a secular country, but it has some anti-secular laws. It should change now
(Hrithik Yadav, Online Khabar)

In Pa. governor’s race, faith surfaces in contrasting ways
(Peter Smith, Associated Press)

Great Britain's first Hindu prime minister inherits a prominent role in Anglicanism
(Richard Ostling, GetReligion)

England and Wales: New assault against the secrecy of confession
(Massimo Introvigne, Anglican Ink)

Charities Act 2022: commencement
(Frank Cranmer, Law & Religion UK)

Irish church leaders highlight need for ‘urgent action’ in meeting with UK Northern Ireland secretary
(Charles Collins, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

India: Catholic school targeted by Hindu nationalists after staging fireworks safety play before Diwali
(Nirmala Carvalho, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

India: Make uniform law for charitable, religious bodies: Kerala HC tells Centre
(Business Standard)

India to deport 3 Swedish Christians for proselytizing
(Wasbir Hussain, Associated Press)

As Christian nationalism digs in, differing visions surface
(Jack Jenkins, Religion News Service)

Turkmenistan: Muslim prisoners of conscience transferred to new labour camps
(Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service)

Afghanistan: Taliban approves conservation work on historic Afghan synagogue
(Jackie Hajdenberg, Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Natural Rights and the First Amendment Religion Clauses
(Vincent Phillip Muñoz, Canopy Forum on the Interactions of Law & Religion)

Paraguay: Bishops in Paraguay raise awareness for land rights, indigenous people
(La Croix International)

Faithful peace: Why the journey to build resilience is multi-religious
(Religions for Peace)

Define Islamophobia so that in New Jersey violence against Muslims can be punished | Opinion
(Madina P. Ouedraogo and Dina Sayedahmed,

Wash. state can investigate evangelical university’s anti-LGBTQ hiring practices, judge rules
(Mark A. Kellner, The Washington Times)

Restoring faith in America
(YouTube Video, First Liberty)

What the law says religious leaders & houses of worship can do during election season
(Jorge Gomez, First Liberty)

In the news: Breaking religious freedom stories across the country
(First Liberty)

A crisis of religious freedom in Latin America
(ADF International)

A culture war brings violence to Latin America
(Eric Patterson, World)

Is Jefferson's wall of separation eroding?
(Reed Karaim, CQ Researcher)

Is same-sex marriage a religious freedom?
(Nathan A. Berkeley, Religious Freedom Institute)

Kenya: Religious leaders condemn EACOP, call for an end to fossil fuel financed projects
(Paschal Norbert, Catholic Information Service for Africa)

Church of Sweden apologizes to Sámi people, this time in Sápmi
(World Council of Churches)

African church-backed torch marches toward COP27
(World Council of Churches)

Bangladesh: Christians decry lack of justice in Bangladesh
(Union of Catholic Asian News)

Religious discrimination persists in zoning proceedings, despite strong legal protections
(Heather L. Weaver, American Civil Liberties Union)

Israel: Furious at Bennett’s betrayal, these national religious voters won’t allow a repeat
(Jacob Magid, The Times of Israel)

Southeast Asian parliamentarians warn against ‘politicisation of religion’
(Herald Malaysia)

IRF Ambassador Rashad Hussain's remarks at the AJC Dallas 2022 Diplomatic Marathon
(Twitter, American Jewish Committee)

Brazil: Presidential standoff becomes a holy war in Brazil
(Eduardo Campos Lima, Religion News Service)

Brazil: The construction of a Brazilian secularism (Portuguese)
(Francisco Gaetani, Rafael Leite, and Tabata Amaral, Poder 360)

Brazil: Religious group is fined for bad faith in action against special Porta dos Fundos (Portuguese)
(José Higídio, Consultor Jurídico)

Brazil: Walk for Peace unites families against religious intolerance (Portuguese)
(Gazeta de Bebedouro)

Thursday, 27 October 2022

EVENT, 27 October 2022: Faith in Action Gala
(Outreach Aid to the Americas)

EVENT, 27 October 2022: 5th Annual DFW Interfaith Summit
(DFW Alliance for Religious Freedom)

EVENT, 27 October 2022 (10:30AM EDT): Broadening the Aperture: International Religious Freedom, National Security and Peacebuilding (Washington, DC)
(The United States Institute of Peace)

WEBINAR, 27 October 2022 (10:30AM ET): U.S. Policy and Freedom of Religion or Belief in North Korea
(U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom)

WEBINAR, 27 October 2022 (10AM EDT): Challenges in moving toward a more inclusive democracy: Findings from the 13th annual American Values Survey
(Brookings Institution)

Wednesday, 26 October 2022

EEOC sues Global Medical Response and American Medical Response for religious and disability discrimination
(U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

Common ground on international religious freedom enhances U.S. national security
(Peter Mandaville, The United States Institute of Peace)

Iran: Attack on Shiraz shrine kills 15: Iranian state media
(Al Jazeera)

Iran: 'Islamic State' claims deadly attack on Iran Shiite shrine
(Deutsche Welle)

EVENT, 26 October 2022 (13:00 GMT+1): Launching “What about us”? New eBook on global religious inequalities
(Institute of Development Studies)

VIRTUAL EVENT: 26 October 2022 (9AM EDT): Forgiveness Forum: Where Science and Spirituality Meet
(Templeton World Charity Foundation and Religions for Peace International)

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