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Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Why the Supreme Court rejected Boston’s case against raising the Christian flag
(Mark Satta, The Conversation)

Unanimous Supreme Court rules against Boston in Christian flag case
(Mark Wingfield, Baptist News Global)

Cape Town: Worship exempt from noise rules
(Kaylynne Bantom, People's Post)

Former Philadelphia prosecutor sues DA Larry Krasner after she was denied religious exemption for vaccine mandate
(Ximena Conde, Philadelphia Inquirer)

Ireland: Non-religious teachers ‘hide’ beliefs for job opportunities – study
(Carl O'Brien, The Irish Times)

Malaysian writer faces blasphemy probe for Facebook post
(Mong Palatino, Global Voices Advox)

Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows
(Josh Gerstein and Alexander Ward, Politico)

The Roe leak spotlights America's crisis of credibility
(Russell Moore, Christianity Today)

For women, despair and joy as overturning of Roe appears imminent
(Joanna Slater, Emily Wax-Thibodeaux, Sarah Fowler and Karin Brulliard, The Washington Post)

For red-state clergy who back abortion rights, losing Roe is a call to action
(Bob Smietana, Alejandra Molina, Religion News Service)

After winning on abortion, it’s time for Catholic bishops to switch parties
(Thomas Reese, RNS Column: Signs of the Times)

Alito and public opinion reveal link between Roe and broader white Christian nationalist agenda
(Robert P. Jones, Religion News Service)

If Roe goes, Black church leaders expect renewed energy for elections
(Adelle M. Banks, Religion News Service)

Roe v. Wade: Faith leaders react to leaked SCOTUS opinion
(Emily McFarlan Miller, Religion News Service)

Biden calls leaked Supreme Court opinion ‘radical,’ says Roe is compatible with ‘mainstream religions’
(National Review)

Court has voted to overturn Roe, according to draft opinion published by Politico
(Amy Howe and James Romoser, SCOTUSblog)

The end of Roe? Everything you need to know about the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion
(Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Reason)

This is and isn’t the moment pro-life Evangelicals have waited for
(Kate Shellnutt, Christianity Today)

Do faith friendly workplaces increase well-being?
(Paul E. Terry, American Journal of Health Promotion)

Russia: Freedom of religion or belief: Special Bimonthly FORB Digest (16–30.04.2022)
(Human Rights Without Frontiers International)

The religious liberty legacy of Orrin Hatch
(Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News)

Iraq: Yazidis in Iraq displaced again, international community ignores fighting
(Seth J. Frantzman, The Jerusalem Post)

Israel: Muslim party may resume membership in Israeli coalition
(Mazal Mualem, Al-Monitor)

ADL says anti-Zionism runs the same risk of violent attacks as antisemitism
(Ron Kampeas, Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Jerusalem: KAICIID Board of Directors calls for peace, tolerance and understanding in Jerusalem
(KAICIID Dialogue Centre)

Hamas warns Zionists of crossing ‘red lines’ at Al-Aqsa Mosque
(International Quran News Agency (IQNA))

Official condemns hoisting Israeli flag at Ibrahimi Mosque
(International Quran News Agency (IQNA))

Lavrov's antisemitism means Israel no longer neutral on Ukraine-Russia - analysis
(Herb Keinon, The Jerusalem Post)

Weekly Highlight #204: COVID-19: Exploring faith dimensions: Rising covid-19 waves and decreasing religious education in church
(Berkley Center, Joint Learning Initiative, WFDD)

Pope’s Ukraine diplomacy a political and spiritual tightrope
(Nicole Winfield, Associated Press)

Japan PM, pope discuss nuclear arms after NKorea test launch
(Associated Press)

Oligarchs to patriarchs: EU eyes sanctions for Orthodox head
(Nicole Winfield and Samuel Petrequin, Associated Press)

Ethiopia detains 76 over Eid al-Fitr prayer unrest
(Associated Press)

India: Curfew imposed in Jodhpur following Hindu-Muslim clashes
(Al Jazeera)

India’s Muslims mark Eid al-Fitr amid attacks on community
(Aijaz Hussain, Associated Press)

Faith and basketball: High school team fights for right to compete and keep Sabbath

Asatru inmate loses RLUIPA and equal protection challenges
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

How the war between Russia and Ukraine is roiling the faith tradition they share
(J. Eugene Clay, Religion News Service)

Supreme Court leak jump-starts new epoch in faith-based abortion politics
(Jacob Lupfer, Religion News Service)

Peru: Church workers: Catholics must stand with victims in mining conflicts
(Barbara Fraser, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Canadian panel urges not hiring military chaplains of certain religions
(Paul Schratz, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Canada’s charities and the value they create
(Curtis Towns, Canadian Centre for Christian Charities)

Colorado parish defaced with pro-abortion graffiti for second time in seven months
(Jonah McKeown, Catholic News Agency)

Over 200 evangelical leaders lobby Congress to pass immigration reform
(Ryan Foley, The Christian Post)

Sen. Raphael Warnock draws ire of conservative Twitter for defending abortion as ‘pro-choice pastor’
(Leonardo Blair, The Christian Post)

Like Christmas, Eid is being commercialized – and that's a welcome thing
(Rifat Malik, National Public Radio)

Russia never attacked anyone, always protected its borders - Patriarch Kirill

Patriarch Kirill can't be scared with sanctions - Russian Orthodox Church

Uzbekistan: "Police watch us like we are in the palm of their hands"
(Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 News Service)

Alongside abortion, don't neglect the Supreme Court's big school prayer ruling
(Richard Ostling, GetReligion)

The pope, Cardinal Becciu and bad real estate deals: Concerning the Vatican 'Trial of the Century'
(Clemente Lisi, GetReligion)

Pope Francis, just war theory, the Ukraine, and beyond: Can war be just?
(Charles J. Russo, Canopy Forum on the Interactions of Law & Religion)

Lebanon: The butterfly effect of dialogue
(KAICIID Dialogue Centre)

Afghanistan: KAICIID Board of Directors condemns mosque bombing
(KAICIID Dialogue Centre)

Afghanistan: ‘I am sure they will change’: Taliban swap guns for pens to learn about human rights
(Elise Blanchard, The Guardian)

Afghanistan: Appeal to the UN to protect Hazaras in Afghanistan
(Fair Observer)

Afghanistan: Intolerance of atrocity crimes in Ukraine should apply to Afghanistan
(Belquis Ahmadi, Kate Bateman, Scott Worden, The United States Institute of Peace)

The macro and micro-politics of religion on 2022 Philippine election – analysis
(Jumel Gabilan Estrañero, Eurasia Review)

Toronto theologian calls on Orthodox world to break ties with Moscow Patriarch Kirill
(Religious Information Service of Ukraine (RISU))

The Sikh-American community is building resilience as hate crimes rise
(Manmeet Sahni, Religion Unplugged)

China’s ongoing persecution of Christians and the case of Pastor Wang Yi
(Olivia Enos, The Heritage Foundation)

China: United Nations on a visit to Xinjiang, China
(Ewelina U. Ochab, Forbes)

Religious school athletes sue over Alabama officials’ refusal to switch Sabbath basketball game
(Mark A. Kellner, The Washington Times)

Generous, but equal treatment? Anti-discrimination duties of states hosting refugees fleeing Ukraine
(Janine Prantl and Ian Matthew Kysel, EJIL: Talk! Blog of the European Journal of International Law)

“Lament, Hope and Courage” - WCC publishes its Annual Review 2021
(World Council of Churches)

Statement on the leaked Alito draft opinion in Dobbs
(Robert George, Mirror of Justice)

Russian Orthodox Church scolds Pope Francis after 'Putin's altar boy' remark
(Guy Faulconbridge, Reuters)

Sri Lanka: It's time to go, religious leaders tell Sri Lankan govt
(Union of Catholic Asian News)

Highly religious Americans more skeptical of human enhancements such as brain implants, gene editing
(Dalia Fahmy, Pew Research Center)

Should Hong Kong’s Christian groups be worried about national security law curbs?
(Danny Mok, South China Morning Post)

Stories of genocide: Lessons for today
(Each Other)

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

EVENT, 3 May 2022: Freedom22 – National Conference 2022 (Parramatta, NSW)
(Freedom for Faith)

Monday, 2 May 2022

Support for “Strasbourg Principles” in inter-religious dialogue on religion and peace, religion and human rights
(Council of Europe)

French Jews on the tightrope
(Anael Malet, Mosaic Magazine)

Belarus: Christians in Belarus are ready 'to sacrifice' in the name of justice
(Peter Kenny, Ecumenical News)

Sweden: Continued Quran burning sparks riot in Sweden
(International Quran News Agency (IQNA))

Spanish bishops say they won’t participate in national clerical abuse inquiry
(Ines San Martin, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Spain: Nineteen attacks on Christians during Holy Week in Spain
(Walter Sanchez Silva, Catholic News Agency)

UK: Trustee investment policy: Butler-Sloss & Ors
(Frank Cranmer, Law & Religion UK)

Morocco: ‘Reconciliation’: Moroccan ISIL prisoners ‘de-radicalised’
(Al Jazeera)

UK’s Jewish ambassador to Ukraine feeling ‘comfortable’ on return to Kyiv
(Jewish News)

UK: Law and religion round-up – 1 May
(Frank Cranmer, Law & Religion UK)

UK: Ecclesiastical court judgments – April (I)
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

Opinion: Shurtleff v. Boston
(Supreme Court of the United States)

Supreme Court says Boston was wrong to refuse raising Christian group’s flag
(Robert Barnes, The Washington Post)

Supreme Court rules against Boston in Christian flag case
(Mark Sherman, Associated Press)

Boston violated First Amendment when it rejected Christian flag, court unanimously rules
(Amy Howe, SCOTUSblog)

Why the Christian flag can fly on this government flagpole
(Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News)

Explainer: Supreme Court unanimously upholds free speech in Boston flag case
(Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission)

Boston can't exclude Christian flag from city hall flagpole when it allows many other groups to fly flags
(Eugene Volokh, The Volokh Conspiracy)

Supreme Court rules Boston was wrong to bar Christian flag from city hall
(Scott Shackford, Reason)

Justices say Boston can't ban Christian flag from City Hall
(Jimmy Hoover, Law360)

The Supreme Court hands the Christian right a victory it actually deserved to win
(Ian Millhiser, Vox)

Supreme Court says Boston unconstitutionally barred Christian flag from city hall
(Nina Totenberg, National Public Radio)

Supreme Court: Boston can’t reject a “Christian” flag (but there’s an easy fix)
(Hemant Mehta, Only Sky)

Students lead more public schools to close for Islamic holidays
(Amaarah DeCuir, The Conversation)

American Muslim women are finding a unique religious space at a women-only mosque in Los Angeles
(Tazeen M. Ali, The Conversation)

Satellites over the Amazon capture the choking of the ‘house of God’ by the Belo Monte Dam – they can help find solutions, too
(Pritam Das, Faisal Hossain, Hörður Bragi Helgason, and Shahzaib Khan, The Conversation)

The unlikely tool that could help ease the burden of refugees in Europe
(Trent Toone, Deseret News)

Argument: Russians are getting sick of church. Orthodox Christianity—and Vladimir Putin—are at the center of the country’s newest culture war.
(Alexander Baunov, Foreign Policy)

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