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Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Repudiating Roe (Part I): The most important abortion case in thirty years
(Michael Stokes Paulsen, Public Discourse: The Journal of the Witherspoon Institute)

Repudiating Roe (Part II): The pernicious doctrine of stare decisis
(Michael Stokes Paulsen, Public Discourse: The Journal of the Witherspoon Institute)

CEC Online Academy invokes innovative approach to populism
(Conference of European Churches)

Peru's bishops call for "protection of democratic life"
(Malo Tresca, La Croix International)

Cuban bishops oppose "gender ideology" in schools
(La Croix International)

Colombian bishops seek peace in troubled indigenous areas
(La Croix International)

Amish put faith in God’s will and herd immunity over vaccine
(John Seewer, Religion News Service)

A devastated Jewish community in Surfside, Florida, begins burying its dead
(Yonat Shimron, Religion News Service)

‘Denomination matters’ in Black-focused faith-based health programs, scholars say
(Adelle M. Banks, Religion News Service)

Transgender rights, religion among cases justices could add
(Jessica Gresko and Mark Sherman, Religion News Service)

Newspaper's 'murder' marks death of press freedom in Hong Kong
(Union of Catholic Asian News)

Mending Christian divisions can give hope to the world, pope says
(Cindy Wooden, Union of Catholic Asian News)

UN war crimes court convicts 2 Serbs over Bosnia atrocities
(Mike Corder, Associated Press)

Why racists pushed, but theologians rejected, wage controls
(Roger McKinney, The Christian Post)

Weekly Highlight #162: COVID-19: Exploring faith dimensions: Religious bodies vs. governments; faith vs. the pandemic
(Berkley Center, Joint Learning Initiative, WFDD)

5 things every Christian should know about the trans movement
(Brandon Showalter, The Christian Post)

Recent cases - June 2021
(Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe)

Christian fostering agency bids to overturn ‘heterosexual couples’ policy ruling
(Premier Christian News)

UK Methodist Church votes to allow same-sex marriages
(Associated Press)

‘Alms’ not ‘arms’: Muslim boy, 11, reported to UK terror watchdog after teacher’s mixup
(Arab News)

UK urged to issue ‘clear message’ on ‘problematic’ Palestinian textbooks
(Lee Harpin, Jewish News)

The freedom to hold a belief is something we all need to protect
(Baroness Kishwer Falkner, Equality and Human Rights Commission)

Ecclesiastical court judgments – June (I)
(David Pocklington, Law & Religion UK)

Patriarch Daniel of Romania on World Social Media Day: A good word enlightens communication
(Biserica Ortodoxă Română)

WCC central committee members demonstrate commitment to Thursdays in Black
(World Council of Churches)

COVID restrictions on NSW churches
(Neil Foster, Law and Religion Australia)

Pakistani court upholds life sentence of Christian man accused of blasphemous text messages
(Emily Wood, The Christian Post)

Share of children living in 2-parent homes reaches highest level in nearly 30 years: report
(Michael Gryboski, The Christian Post)

North Carolina Governor vetoes race/ sex/ Down syndrome abortion ban
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Ancient mosques in Egypt await rescue
(Hani Sameer, Al-Monitor: Egypt Pulse)

In UAE visit, Israeli minister builds ties after Gaza war
(Aya Batrawy, Associated Press)

Family reunification law aims to lower number of Palestinian citizens in Israel
(Daoub Kuttab, Al-Monitor: Palestine Pulse)

Washington lawmaker wears Star of David in vaccine protest
(Associated Press)

Religious freedom advocates warn that church closures are ‘wrong direction’ for Algeria
(Catholic News Agency)

Catholics must know how Peter’s Pence is spent, Vatican official says
(Junno Arocho Esteves, Catholic News Service)

Effective interfaith education for social cohesion
(Katherine Marshall, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University)

Saudi authorities review Hajj preparations at Prophet’s Mosque and other sites in Madinah
(Arab News)

Religious liberty ‘like oxygen’ for flourishing society, scholar says
(Charles C. Camosy, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Hajj pilgrims urged to visit vaccine centers for second jab
(Deema Al-Khudair, Arab News)

What Indians think about religion and religious differences in five charts
(Rukmini S, Mint)

Religion in India: Tolerance and segregation
(Pew Research Center)

Key findings about religion in India
(Jonathan Evans and Neha Sahgal, Pew Research Center)

Religious tolerance central to Indians' identity, says new survey
(Union of Catholic Asian News)

Indian Sikhs angry over forcible conversion of women
(Nirendra Dev, Union of Catholic Asian News)

Church leaders in India demand answers after death of Christian in police custody
(Nirmala Carvalho, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Tokyo Catholic churches to keep restrictive measures during Olympics
(Catholic News Service)

Syria’s humanitarian crisis raises a moral dilemma: To shun or engage with Assad regime
(David Romano, Arab News)

How religious freedom law fails Native Americans
(Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News)

Religion and diplomacy important to COVID-19 vaccination efforts, scholars and policymakers say at Georgetown event
(Lily Erickson, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University)

First denomination to condemn Uyghur Muslim genocide? Southern Baptists
(Knox Thames, Christianity Today)

Any religion ghosts here? Martin Methodist College joins University of Tennessee system
(Terry Mattingly, GetReligion)

How will this Supreme Court decide, or sidestep, pivotal religious liberty questions?
(Richard Ostling, GetReligion)

Portugal celebrates 20 years of landmark religious liberty act
(Adventist Review)

The gist: An exercise in freedom
(Margaret Fosmoe, Notre Dame Magazine)

How China is turning religion into another state-controlled tool to support its Communists ideals
(Nathan VanderKlippe, The Globe and Mail)

Activist: China’s ‘killing’ of Hong Kong paper has ‘serious implications’ for religious liberty
(Catholic News Agency)

1000+ Church of Almighty God members arrested
(Li Mingxuan, Bitter Winter: A Magazine on Religious Liberty and Human Rights in China)

Iran: FORB digest: News about Baha’is and Christians in Iran in June (01.07.21)
(Human Rights Without Frontiers International)

Is critical thinking a threat to Catholicism in Indonesia?
(Justin L. Wejak, Union of Catholic Asian News)

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

EVENT, 27-29 June 2021: Religious Liberty Summit
(University of Notre Dame)

EVENT, 22-29 June 2021: Religious Freedom Week 2021: Solidarity in Freedom
(United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)

WEBINAR, 29 June 2021 (9AM EDT): Vaccinate Thy Neighbor: Governments Engage with Faith Groups on Global COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout
(Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University)

Monday, 28 June 2021

LECTURE SERIES, 28 June 2021, (6:30PM GMT+2): Assisted suicide: an Italian perspective
(Adelaide Madera, Universität Trier)

Recognising the remarkable: A call for the release of Nguyen Bac Truyen
(FoRB in Full: A blog by CSW)

For some US Muslims, raw talk on suicide, mental health
(Mariam Fam, Associated Press)

Call for Action to Address Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region from Women from Africa and of African Descent
(FoRB in Full: A blog by CSW)

From one crackdown to another: The life of Xu Na
(FoRB in Full: A blog by CSW)

Voluntary assisted dying will begin in WA this week. But one Commonwealth law could get in the way
(Charles Corke, The Conversation)

Victoria’s voluntary assisted dying scheme is challenging and complicated. Some people die while they wait
(Ben White, Lindy Willmott, and Marcus Sellers, The Conversation)

Christian values can bridge political divides, says BYU religious forum
(Gabrielle Shiozawa, The Daily Universe)

Reforming Muslim family laws in non-Muslim democracies
(Yuksel Sezgin, Academia)

Presiding Bishop announces new churchwide racial truth and reconciliation effort during first day of Executive Council
(Egan Millard, Episcopal News Service)

21 Bloody Holy Spirit members sentenced in Guangxi
(Qi Junzao, Bitter Winter)

USCIRF releases new report on religious freedom conditions in Central African Republic
(U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom)

Report finds rise in antisemitic incidents in Germany
(Lauren Morganbesser, Jerusalem Post)

Two explosions hit Congo’s eastern city of Beni
(Al-Hadji Kudra Maliro and Jean-Yves Kamale, Associated Press)

At landmark US Hindu temple, a timely rite of rejuvenation
(Peter Smith, Associated Press)

Poland, Israel in diplomatic spat over Poland’s property law
(Monika Scislowska, Associated Press)

Big Pride parade in Paris; Turkish police stop marchers
(Frances D'Emilio and John Le, Associated Press)

Texas legislature enacts sweeping law barring state and local government from restricting worship services during public emergency
(Don Byrd, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)

Pope voices ‘affection’ for Americans as he meets Blinken
(Frances D'Emilio, Associated Press)

US warns that Islamic State extremists still a world threat
(Matthew Lee, Associated Press)

On first-ever day of prayer, Pope implores mercy for the Middle East
(Inés San Martín, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

On anti-homophobia row, Vatican PR once again defuses bomb after it goes off
(John L. Allen Jr., Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Catholic agency joins forces with U.N. to help people who are ‘stateless’
(Rhina Guidos, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Primate of Spain questions pardoning of Catalan separatists
(Matthieu Lasserre, La Croix International)

Mexican Catholic bishops call for peace after polls
(La Croix International)

In Egypt, Coptic Christians help Muslims celebrate Feast of Sacrifice
(La Croix International)

Can Utah’s compromise on LGBTQ rights and religious liberty be duplicated?
(Jay Evensen, Deseret News)

How political polarization turns people of faith against each other
(Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News)

Faith leaders say religious liberty is not synonymous with discrimination
(Tad Walch, Deseret News)

Society has become ‘tone deaf to the music of faith,’ says Elder Cook during religious liberty summit. Here’s the solution
(Sarah Jane Weaver, Church News)

Alliance for Lasting Liberty Coalition’s statement on the Supreme Court’s decision in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(Alliance for Lasting Liberty)

U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs 'Number of the Beast' religious dispute
(Lawrence Hurley, Reuters)

The Supreme Court unanimously protects religious foster agencies
(Mark Rienzi, Real Clear Religion)

Religion and free speech among cases justices could add
(Jessica Gresko Mark Sherman, Associated Press)

Prospects for Ukrainian visit by ecumenical patriarch still uncertain
(RISU, Russia Religion News (Stetson University))

Belarusian dictator dismisses threat of Orthodox schism
(Religiina Pravda, Russia Religion News (Stetson University))

Justices won’t intervene in dispute over transgender rights and bathrooms
(Amy Howe, SCOTUSblog)

Plug-In: Generations of indigenous children snatched from families and churches took part
(Bobby Ross Jr., GetReligion)

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