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Monday, 19 September 2022

World’s churches converge on Germany city of Karlsruhe to pray and act
(World Council of Churches)

A Texas judge just took religious ‘freedom’ too far
(Noah Feldman, Bloomberg)

Large-scale disorder breaks out in Leicester
(Caroline Lowbridge, James Lynn and Dan Martin, BBC News)

An old question that's back in the news: Why can’t non-Muslims visit Mecca and Medina?
(Richard Ostling, GetReligion)

Are American Christians on the path to severe persecution for their faith?
(David Curry, Religion News Service)

Portugal: President of the Religious Liberty Commission highlights the importance of the program "The Faith of Men" (Portuguese)
(PR/CB/OC, Ecclesia)

Brazil: Walk against intolerance brings together representatives of religions in Rio (Portuguese)
(Mariana Tokarnia, Agência Brasil)

‘Brazil under Constitution’: Religious freedom is a right guaranteed to all Brazilians (video)(Portuguese)
(Globo Play)

Protection of the fundamental rights of religious leaders in the context of violence in Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico (Spanish)
(Observatorio de Libertad Religiosa de América Latina y El Caribe)

Friday, 16 September 2022

Yeshiva University suspends all student clubs as it appeals case against LGBTQ alliance
(Julia Gergely, Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Biden includes faith leaders in summit’s charge to ‘rise together against hate’
(Adelle M. Banks, Religion News Service)

White House hosts summit addressing hate-motivated violence
(Howard Friedman, Religion Clause)

Political Satire and Sexist Stereotypes: A Critical Insight on the Case of Patrício Monteiro Telo de Abreu v. Portugal
(Sofia Balzaretti, Strasbourg Observers)

The King's remarks to faith leaders
(The Royal Family)

King Charles moves meeting with faith leaders to avoid Shabbat clash
(Jewish News)

Calls mount for barring anti-Muslim Hindu from entering UK
(International Quran News Agency (IQNA))

Family and its protective effect: Part 1 of the Independent Family Review
(The Children's Commissioner's Office)

Scottish legislators have no ‘reasonable excuse’ to ignore basic tenets of the rule of law
(Jeremiah Igunnubole, Scottish Legal News)

EVENT, 15-16 September 2022: Past, Present, & Future of Religiously Affiliated Law Schools
(Touro University Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center)

EVENT, 16 September 2022 (8:30AM ET): A briefing to highlight an upcoming UNGA resolution calling for the repeal of the death penalty for Apostasy & Blasphemy
(International Religious Freedom Roundtable)

A contest of illiberalisms: Balancing the interests of separatist communities and the larger society
(Richard T. Foltin, The American Bar Association)

UAE chief Chabad rabbi married in the Gulf's largest Jewish wedding
(Tovah Lazaroff, The Jerusalem Post)

Not gone, but forgotten? Syrian refugees struggle to move forward.
(Taylor Luck, The Christian Science Monitor)

Germany, Jewish groups reach final chapter of Holocaust compensation negotiations
(Bojan Pancevski, The Wall Street Journal)

Iran: Mahsa Amini: Woman dies after arrest by Iran’s morality police
(Al Jazeera)

'The world is watching': Australian daughter of Iranian Baha'i in prison pleads for her release
(Nassim Khadem, ABC News Australia)

Christianity's American Fate: How Religion Became More Conservative and Society More Secular (forthcoming)
(David A. Hollinger, Princeton University Press)

Martinez-Torron on religious exemptions
(Law and Religion Forum, St. John's Law School Center for Law & Religion)

Rinella on sharia in the state system
(Law and Religion Forum, St. John's Law School Center for Law & Religion)

Belarus proposes legislation to stop Christians from appealing to the UN
(Daniel Silliman, Christianity Today)

The Saudi mirage of religious freedom
(Gabriella Perez, Providence Mag)

African nations stand alone against abortion rights, gender ideology at the UN
(Edie Heipel, Catholic News Agency)

Why survey data of religious nones, decline of Christianity differs
(Ryan Burge, Religion Unplugged)

Iraq: Arbaeen pilgrimage brings millions to Iraqi city of Karbala
(Usaid Siddiqui, Al Jazeera)

Southern Baptists to keep promoting ‘life, religious liberty, marriage’ protections via policy arm
(Mark A. Kellner, The Washington Times)

DOD fast-tracked vaccine religious exemption denials, civil liberties law firm says
(Mark A. Kellner, The Washington Times)

Sri Lankan monks protest electricity price hike
(Union of Catholic Asian News)

India: Christians wary as Indian state outlaws conversion
(Union of Catholic Asian News)

WCC expresses solidarity, urges advocacy for the human rights and self-determination of Indigenous Peoples across the world
(World Council of Churches)

WCC statement urges confronting racism, revisiting “complicity of some religious bodies”
(World Council of Churches)

China: Special bimonthly freedom of religion or belief (01-15.09.2022)
(Human Rights Without Frontiers International)

France: Feet of clay: The French MIVILUDES acknowledges the faulty bases of its reports
(Massimo Introvigne, Bitter Winter)

Watchdog warns Defense Department in “noncompliance” with federal law
(Jorge Gomez, First Liberty)

No more discrimination for Christian ministry & Jewish congregations
(Jorge Gomez, First Liberty)

Weekly column from Italy: When politicians only use Christianity for their own benefit
(Chiara Lamberti, Christian Network Europe)

Afghanistan: Taliban torture and execute Hazaras in targeted attack – new investigation
(Amnesty International)

Supreme Court declines to expedite another religious liberty dispute, majority requires applicant to exhaust lower court options first
(Don Byrd, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty)

Mitt Romney, Mike Lee and the Senate’s battle over same-sex marriage: Utah’s two senators are reportedly working to address religious liberty concerns
(Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News)

2,000 churches and Christian ministries ask Senate to oppose Respect For Marriage Act
(Kim Roberts, Religion Unplugged)

"Made" in Jordan: Assessing the legacy of the Amman Message
(Mackenzie R. Poust, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University)

Brazil: Clergy take sides in Brazil’s presidential election
(Eduardo Campos Lima, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Chad: Bishops in Chad say African country’s national dialogue is a ‘monologue’
(Ngala Killian Chimtom, Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse)

Religious liberty beyond red and blue divides
(Sarah Estelle, Real Clear Religion)

Pope says supplying weapons to Ukraine is morally acceptable for self defence
(Philip Pullella, Reuters)

Pope asks Nicaraguan government to let expelled nuns return
(Philip Pullella, Reuters)

Pope’s presence in Kazakhstan to help ‘map way out of conflicts’
(Devin Watkins, Vatican News)

Uzbekistan: "Go on dreaming!" prison governor replies to tortured prisoner of conscience's medical need
(Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 News Service)

Why are Jehovah’s Witnesses persecuted?
(Mathew N. Schmalz, Canopy Forum on the Interactions of Law & Religion)

WCC, CEC letter to OSCE chairman urges avoiding further escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh
(World Council of Churches)

European churches urge EU to establish peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan
(Conference of European Churches)

Council of Parties appoints new KAICIID leadership
(KAICIID Dialogue Centre)

Little churches still matter, says Martha’s Vineyard pastor of church that took in migrants
(Bob Smietana, Religion News Service)

Poland must repeal ‘blasphemy law’ after pop star vindicated
(National Secular Society)

Anti-religious violence in the wake of the Dobbs decision
(Rick Plasterer, Juicy Ecumenism, Institute on Religion and Democracy)

Thursday, 15 September 2022

EVENT, 15-22 September 2022: World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel: Faith, Hope and Love in Action: Towards Justice in Israel Palestine
(World Council of Churches)

CALL FOR PAPERS, abstracts due 15 September 2022: Religion, Dialogue, and Democracy in Africa
(Dialogue Institute)

VIRTUAL EVENT, 13-15 September 2022: Religious Freedom, Rule of Law, and Cross Cultural Religious Literacy
(Ministry of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia and Leimena Institute)

VIRTUAL EVENT, 15 September 2022 (13:00 GMT): Together with URI: Peacebuilding
(United Religions Initiative)

VIRTUAL EVENT, 15 September 2022 (12PM ET): The Abraham Accords Two Years On: Building Peace, Looming Threats
(Hudson Institute)

VIRTUAL EVENT, 15 September 2022 (2PM ET): Webinar on Hinduism and Discriminatory Experiences
(G20 Interfaith Forum)

Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Secretary-General's video message to the 7th Congress of World and Traditional Religions
(United Nations)

Opinion: Yeshiva University v. YU Pride Alliance
(Supreme Court of the United States)

S. Ct. (5-4) won't temporarily stop N.Y. ruling that Orthodox Jewish Yeshiva U. recognize "LGBTQ student group"
(Eugene Volokh, The Volokh Conspiracy)

U.S. Supreme Court requires Yeshiva University to allow LGBT student club
(Andrew Chung, Reuters)

When religion meets the law
(Dan Schnur, Jewish Journal)

Yeshiva University case means we’re all Jews now
(William McGurn, The Wall Street Journal)

EVENT, 14 September 2022 (9:30 ET): Addressing Apostasy and Blasphemy Laws in Muslim Societies Workshop
(Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV))

LATEST ISSUE of the Journal of Law and Religion (free access through September 15)
(various, Cambridge University Press)

EVENT, 9-11 November 2022 (registration deadline 14 Sept): Moot Court Interamericano de Derecho y Religión, Brasil
(Centro Brasileiro de Estudos em Direito e Religião, Brasil)

Ten ways the AP abuse article misrepresented the evidence
(Jacob Z. Hess, Public Square Magazine)

Modeling the future of religion in America
(Pew Research Center)

Zeldin: Antisemitism 'has to be found, confronted and crushed'
(Omri Nahmias, The Jerusalem Post)

Volume 20, Issue 3 (2022)
(The Review of Faith & International Affairs)

Volume 20, 2022 - Issue 3 - Introduction
(Elizabeth A. Clark and Dmytro Vovk, The Review of Faith & International Affairs)

Piecing the Puzzle—Women and Freedom of Religion or Belief
(Nazila Ghanea, The Review of Faith & International Affairs)

Advancing Gender Equality Without Forfeiting Religious Autonomy: Squaring the Circle?
(Montserrat Gas-Aixendri, The Review of Faith & International Affairs)

Church-State Cooperation and its Impact on Freedom of Religion or Belief and on Gender Issues in Russia
(Mikhail Antonov, The Review of Faith & International Affairs)

International Obligations and Internal Tensions: Individual Religious Autonomy and Gender Equality in Russia and Central Asia
(Merilin Kiviorg, The Review of Faith & International Affairs)

Ukrainian Churches and the Implementation of the Istanbul Convention in Ukraine: Being Europe Without Accepting “Gender”
(Regina Elsner, The Review of Faith & International Affairs)

Freedom of Religion or Belief and Gender Equality in the Netherlands: Between Pillars, Polders, and Principles
(Jeroen Temperman, The Review of Faith & International Affairs)

Becoming Through Belonging: Women of Faith and Global Leadership
(Margaret J. Weber, The Review of Faith & International Affairs)

Book review: Rethinking Religion and Politics in a Plural World: The Bahá’í International Community and the United Nations
(Geoffrey Cameron, The Review of Faith & International Affairs)

Vietnamese authorities call 'Jesus Church' in northern provinces an 'evil religion'
(Radio Free Asia)

Libyan convert sentenced to death under controversial apostasy law
(International Christian Concern)

Calling the shots: Multistage challenges to federal vaccine mandates
(Elysa Dishman, SSRN)

Don't forget to aid predominantly diverse countries when giving
(Syed M. Hassan, Viewpoints: A blog of the G20 Interfaith Forum)

We don’t believe religious rights and LGBTQ+ rights have to be in conflict | Opinion
(various, Miami Herald)

How teaching tolerance can promote peace
(Knox Thames, The United States Institute of Peace)

How religious actors can help address the Western Hemisphere’s biggest challenges
(Andrés Martínez and Melissa Nozell, The United States Institute of Peace)

China’s atrocities against Uyghurs demand a response
(Ewelina U. Ochab and Knox Thames, The Hill)

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